Lydia Reviews: The Harder They Fall by Ari McKay

Title: The Harder They Fall
Publisher: Torquere Books
Author: Ari McKay
Pages: 146
Kisses: 4


Chris Hardison never expected the simple consulting gig to put him on somebody’s hit list, but Hercules Security’s resident computer whiz never does anything by halves. Now he’s on the run, guarded by gorgeous Jason Hekili, the newest member of Herc’s crew. But Chris and Jason have a past, and holing up in a safe house together is as complicated as it is dangerous.

Jason still wants Chris even though his broken heart hasn’t healed. He isn’t sure he can trust Chris, but when a crime syndicate targets Chris for assassination, Jason has to put his life on the line to protect Chris or risk losing their second chance for happiness before it even begins.


The Harder They Fall is the newest book in the Herc’s Mercs series. Like the other book in this series, this book is full of action and passion. Chris is a member of Herc’s security agency, only unlike most of the members he is an IT geek. While at a party held by one of his co-workers he meets Jason. Jason is a part time actor looking for something more. These two hit it off from the beginning. Not only do they have a lot in common but the attraction between them is strong. The author brings their passion across in a way that is realistic and does not feel forced or gratuitous. But even though things start off fantastically they become rocky fast.

Chris has some serious insecurities and rather than talk things out with Jason, Chris breaks things off with him. I really wanted to shake Chris at this time and could not believe he was being so stupid. Understandably Jason is heartbroken and goes out of his way to change his life. When Chris finds himself in a dangerous situation however it is Jason who is there to help.

The authors really put these two through their paces, and while I realize these are fictional characters in a make believe world, if I was Jason I think I would have had to ask the authors just what the heck they thought they was doing isolating him and Chris the way they did. As you can imagine things do not go smoothly but the authors wrap up both the mystery that is woven throughout this story and the romance between Jason and Chris in way that is believable.

This is one of those series that can easily become a favorite. Each story is fun to read and keeps the readers entertained. I loved each of the past stories and cannot wait for more.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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