Pammyla Reviews: Tinsel and Yule by Rob Rosen

Title: Tinsel and Yule
Series: Stocking Stuffers
Author: Rob Rosen
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Words: 5057
Characters: Tinsel and Yule
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Gay / Fantasy / Magic / Elves/ Mythological Creatures / Romance / Holiday
Kisses: 4


What happens when a naughty little elf named Yule, pairs up with a lonely-but-nice elf named Tinsel? Why, sexcapades at the North Pole, of course!

Throw in a reindeer gone missing just before Christmas, plus Santa’s frantic workshop trying to get ready for the holiday at the last minute, and see how the spirit of the season can change even the most bitter elf. Kissing under the mistletoe never had such a sexy twist before.


Tinsel is a very good elf, diligently working on finishing the toys Santa needs. But he’s also a very bored elf and despite sitting under the mistletoe for years nobody has ever kissed him.

Enter bad boy elf Yule, a nephew of Mrs. Claus no less. Yule is temptation personified: he smokes, cusses and Tinsel is besotted. He offers a little verbal resistance, but after the first illicit taste of Yule’s body, Tinsel is all about pleasure.

Then Comet goes missing, and everyone helps to help find him.

Tinsel and Yule is a hot and sexy short story with a sprinkling of humor. If you like hot and humorous Christmas stories with sexy elves then this is likely to be for you.


Reviewed By: Pammyla

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