Here are the latest from JMS Books!

TITLE: Challah and Callaloo
AUTHOR: La Toya Hankins
ISBN: 9781634860420
GENRE: Lesbian Interracial Romance
LENGTH: 13,255 words
PRICE: $2.99


Leah Tubman had no way of knowing the informational interview she had in 2008 with the shapely marketing manager would lead to her planning a same-sex Southern wedding, complete with a rabbi and rum cake, seven years later. She and Patricia Goldman may come from different faiths, but their love knows no bounds.

When the two women meet, they don’t need a Supreme Court decision to fall in love, but thanks to the split June 2015 ruling making gay marriage legal in the United States, they plan to make their interracial mixed love affair official with a fall wedding. It takes an allergy scare and a brunch complete with sex and syrup to bring them close to wedding bliss, but Leah wouldn’t have it any other way.

TITLE: I Do, I Don’t
AUTHOR: Lisa Gray
ISBN: 9781634860246
GENRE: Gay Romance
LENGTH: 24,851 words
PRICE: $3.99


While celebrating the Supreme Court same-sex ruling, Josh hides his deep aversion to marriage. He lets his lover Adam believe they’ll eventually marry. But when his wedding-planner mother pushes him too hard to take that step, Josh declares in anger he won’t ever marry Adam.

Adam overhears and flees. Crushed at having been led on, he takes refuge at his old hangout. There he runs into his ex-boyfriend, who tries to take advantage of Adam’s vulnerability. Things go from bad to miserable, leaving Adam struggling to get through the worst night of his life.

Frantically searching for Adam, Josh is forced to accept he could lose him forever — a prospect he just can’t face. Can he overcome his fears and propose marriage to save their love? That might work, but only if he can somehow convince Adam to trust him again.

TITLE: Love Will Find a Way
AUTHOR: Rebecca James
ISBN: 9781634860284
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 17,761 words
PRICE: $2.99


Aiden O’Keefe is on top of the world. He owns a thriving catering business, lives in a beautiful New York City apartment, and is about to marry Bryar, the love of his life. They’ve been together for three years, and their wedding is only weeks away. Aiden has always had a feeling that his lover is hiding something from him but chalks it up to his insecurity at not being worthy of the older, gorgeous, accomplished Bryar, who is a commercial pilot.

That something comes out when Bryar tells Aiden his parents aren’t dead, as he has led Aiden to believe. Not only that, they’re moving to New York and, worst of all, they believe their son is straight and living with a woman.

Once Bryar comes clean, Aiden is understandably angry and hurt. Can their relationship withstand the resulting fallout? Or will love find a way to see them through?

TITLE: Splendidly Ever After
ISBN: 9781634860437
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 36,370 words
PRICE: $3.99


Sequel to Ask and I’ll Tell

Seven years after they meet, and more than four years since RJ initially proposes, RJ and Pad are back. The wedding invitations have been sent again and the date is set. This time, both men are more committed than ever to each other and willing to make their relationship work.

But old issues surface that cause conflict before their big day. Will RJ’s recent diagnosis of sexual addiction disorder tear them apart? Can they weather the growing disapproval from their families over same-sex marriage before they walk down the aisle? Will RJ and Pad finally tie the knot?

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