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TITLE: Like I Love You
AUTHOR: J.T. Marie
ISBN: 9781634860413
GENRE: Lesbian Romance
LENGTH: 16,759 words
PRICE: $3.99


When Dana Kelly meets Bethany Bartlett for the first time in college, she falls in love … hard. But her feelings go unrequited. The two become fast friends during a French class, though, and soon Dana requests a room transfer to Bethany’s dorm. Throughout their college years, Dana’s love grows and their friendship deepens.

After graduation Dana struggles to put aside her feelings for Bethy. When one drunken kiss threatens to ruin everything they’ve built together, Dana would rather run away than admit how she feels. But is she still the only one who feels this way?

TITLE: Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch
AUTHOR: J.D. Walker
ISBN: 9781634860444
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 12,444 words
PRICE: $2.99


Paulie Hajek has loved weddings since childhood, so naturally it makes sense that his current job is in the wedding planning business. Unfortunately, that also means he works with Van Tremaine, his boss’s brother and a former bed partner who refused to commit to something permanent, like marriage. Paulie has been heartbroken for a year, but he’s not giving up on happily-ever-after, though the gloss has dimmed somewhat.

Van has a lot to prove to Paulie, whose love-tinted view of the world once struck fear in his forty-five-year-old heart and made him act like a fool. It doesn’t help that Paulie catches him with an intern in a compromising position, either.

To prove he’s changed, Van resorts to a bit of trickery which, in the end, may or may not give Paulie what he’s always wanted, if he can forgive Van for being an idiot. Will he say yes?

TITLE: September’s Always Gorgeous
AUTHOR: Michael P. Thomas
ISBN: 9781634860550
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 31,402 words
PRICE: $3.99


When Drew Schilling wakes up with a world-class hangover, he isn’t especially proud of himself. He’s almost forty-five years old — really, by now he should know better. He certainly knows better than to bring home a hook-up like Esau Wallenberg. His friendly face, his super-hero physique … charming qualities that appeal to Drew, naturally, but in a guy old enough to rent a car. This kid’s barely eighteen. Once they’re out of bed, Drew just wants to send Esau home and forget the whole mortifying incident.

But Esau thinks he’s in love. He’s even talking marriage, but what the heck do we know when we’re eighteen? The kid’s got his whole life ahead of him. And Drew still has some life left ahead of him, too, thank you very much.

He just needs to figure out a way to undo a huge mistake so he doesn’t have to live it without Esau.

TITLE: There Will Be Cake
AUTHOR: Kim Davis
ISBN: 9781634860307
GENRE: Gay Romance
LENGTH: 12,829 words
PRICE: $2.99


Nineteen-year-old Nick Wattley is serving as the best man in his father Tim’s wedding to his partner, Craig Pearson. After being closeted for years, Tim is finally out and proud and Nick is happy for his dad.

But a weekend that’s supposed to be filled with pre-wedding preparations turns into a nightmare for Nick as he’s forced to deal with one uncomfortable situation after another. A day after witnessing a terrible argument between Tim and Craig, Nick mistakenly walks in on his father and his partner while they’re in flagrante delicto. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, Nick has to deal with Tim’s anxiety over walking down the aisle again and fend off an old friend of Craig’s who tries to make trouble.

Can Nick keep his cool long enough to get his dad to the altar?

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