Patrick St. James Reviews: The Hitchhiker Murders by Edward Kendrick

Title: The Hitchhiker Murders
Author: Edward Kendrick
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Length: 101 Pages
Characters: Brent and Quinn Collins,
Kisses: 4


When married private investigators Brent and Quinn Collins are hired to find Andrew, a young man who has disappeared after heading to Idaho Springs, little do they know they will become embroiled in murder. Two other young men have gone missing under similar circumstances and their bodies found buried in the mountains outside of Denver.

The Collins’ investigations soon bring to light another similarity between the murdered men: they were all slender, effeminate, and gay. After Andrew’s body is discovered, Brent and Quinn think they may know who is responsible for the hitchhiker killings.

But when Quinn goes undercover, he finds himself in much deeper waters than he expected. All they have to do is prove it … without ending up dead themselves.


This was an interesting read involving the murders of young gay men who hitchhiked their way into the mountains. The author managed to paint a pretty vivid picture of the surroundings and locations where the story takes place. The story is also depressingly real as murders like these targeting gay men in certain parts of the country do take place.

The intrepid private detectives, husbands, were hired by the mother of the missing boy, doggedly try to find the killers of the young man they’ve been hired to fine. Together with the uncle of one of the Collins’, Frank, a local police Detective, the villains are deduced and dealt with.

But the case doesn’t end there as the wife of one of the men seeks revenge. The story is well-thought out and the love between Brent and Quinn is well played. You can feel the love between them which is often missing in male/male romances.

Reviewed by Patrick St. James

Click HERE to purchase The Hitchhiker Murders by Edward Kendrick

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