Jerry Reviews: Chrysalis Corporation by TA Venedicktov

Title: Chrysalis Corporation
Author: T.A Venedicktov
Publisher: DSP Publications
Pages: 351
Characters: Damion Hawk and Core 47
Sub-Genre: Science Fiction
Kisses: 4


When Damion Hawk is offered an opportunity to escape the destitute life of a miner on Mars and become an elite Alpha Fighter pilot, he jumps at the chance. Within the Chrysalis Corporation, Damion must learn to work with his Core—a man with computerized implants, no human emotions—and no rights. But unlike other Fighters, Damion can’t treat Core 47 as a tool. He sees 47 as more than a machine, and he’ll take deadly risks to help 47 find the humanity inside him.

Fighters and Cores are designed to work together and enhance each other’s strengths in defense of their employer. Damion and 47 will need each other’s support as suspicions about the all-powerful Chrysalis Corporation arise. Someone wants Damion and 47 gone, and they need to find out who and why while hiding 47’s growing emotions and the love forming between them. If they can succeed, they might save not only themselves, but all Cores enslaved by the Corporation.


Chrysalis Corporation by TA Venedicktov is a story set in a futuristic universe with genetically enhanced men. These men can interface with a ships computer and make the pilot stronger, faster and more efficient.

Damion Hawk has always wanted to be a pilot. Growing up on Mars and working in the mines maybe good for his family, but he has always been drawn to the stars. When he is “chosen” by Core 47 to be his pilot, it is unexpected and he plans to make the most of it and hopefully make his dream of becoming a pilot come true. However. he cannot seem to treat 47 like the “tool” the rest of the pilots do, because he sees the man inside of 47.

Damion knows he is breaking one of the main rules against the corporation, but if they work together, maybe they can be something really great together.

Chrysalis Corporation by TA Venedicktov is just fun to read. I was immediately able to lose myself in the story of these two characters and get caught up within the relationship between them. The author did a good job at creating these interesting characters and the intriguing world they live in. I’m definitely interested in reading what TA Venedicktov has in store for us next.


Reviewed By: Jerry

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