Jerry Reviews: Hidden Wings by Ana Raine

Title: Hidden Wings
Author: Ana Raine
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 217
Characters: Kanji, Tristan
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Kisses: 5


Kanji is the last royal Kuro swan, an ancient race who once served the demonic Sidhee. The Kuro were betrayed and given as slaves to the Dryma fairies. When a Dryma is born, his soul attaches to a tree and to sustain their lives, the Dryma conscript the Kuro to protect their woods. In their servitude, the Kuro are languishing and dying off. Kanji is desperate to reunite his people with their stolen wings, but the task seems impossible.

When Kanji discovers a plan to unite the Sidhee and the Dryma, he tricks the Sidhee prince and attends a masked ball in disguise. There he meets Prince Tristan, who is nothing like the other fairies. Kind and compassionate, Tristan has a plan to free the Dryma from their dependence on the trees—and their need of the Kuro’s protection. It could mean freedom for Kanji’s people, but it might also mean choosing between them and the life of the fairy who is—impossibly—his mate.
When Tristan is wounded in battle and left for dead, his survival depends on the success of his experiments. Can Kanji dare to believe, or must he come to terms with the loss of his mate?


Wow, Hidden Wings by Ana Raine had me hooked from the first page to the last word. It is a detailed story with strong and full characters, so it was easy for me to lose myself in their world.

Kanji is a Kuro swan prince, but he doesn’t really understand what that means since all of the Kuro swans lost their wings. He doesn’t understand that he is the backbone of his flock. This is definitely Kanji’s story. It is about Kanji’s journey of not only finding his mate, but learning what it’s like to give up everything for the people you lead. Kanji is faced with many hard choices. In the end, he must decide what is most important…his people or his fated mat who is the one person on earth that will complete him.

Hidden Wings is an easy book to recommend and I cannot wait to read more about Kanji’s life. I loved this book and hope there will be more of the unique and interesting world Ms. Raine created.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Jerry

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