Roxy Reviews Angel’s Redemption written by Andi Anderson

Book Title: Angel’s Redemption

Author: Andi Anderson

Publisher: eXtasy Publishing

Kisses: 5+






Since Jackson’s partner died, life is one big routine. When he meets his neighbor, Elijah, he’s intrigued by the mysterious man, and his somber world becomes exciting and beautiful. Elijah needed a fresh start after working in the dark world of pornography. Finding the strength to move away from drug abuse and his despised existence, he moves to Charlestown and discovers a connection with Jackson unlike anything before. Fear of losing the one man he’s come to rely on keeps Elijah silent even as he grows determined to be a man worthy of Jackson’s love. When Elijah’s secrets are revealed, will Jackson be able to see past his former life and stand proudly beside the man Elijah is today?

T2B’s Take:

  • So, here we have Jackson, an accountant who lives alone and surrounded by people who love him. He’s not really happy deep inside himself and hadn’t been since his husband was killed in a car accident. (Andi likes to kill her characters off in cars! I am so glad she’s not killed me off! I don’t want to die in a car wreck!) A teenager did it and Jackson’s life was forever changed. He went to work, went home, ate, spent time with his lovely amazing dog in their huge sanctuary of a back yard.
  • And this is where his life takes a turn for the better. Enter the lovely and adorable Elijah. I fell in love with him immediately. He’s a spark of light and energy, and so fragile that I almost wanted to reach in and take care of him myself, then realized that would be odd…LOL! But really, Andi wrote him so well, she engaged my senses with this couple.
  • We have two flawed men in this story and they manage to find solace in each others presence, so naturally something has to happen on the happy scale! This is an Anderson title and as I’ve said, IMO she’s the Queen of Sweet! These two characters are made for each other and Jackson, even though he was married before, well, I don’t think he was truly him with his hubby because of his internal thoughts when he and Elijah do things, fun things, or even nothing. His hubby didn’t like to do some things, and though it’s not required to make a relationship work, cuddling and kissing should be! The fact that little Elijah loved to do so, as well as Jackson, well that made Jackson realize he’d been missing out on some things in his life.
  • Elijah arrives in the small town a bruised and battered man who is doing all he can to stay off drugs and alcohol, as that’s all he did since he was just thirteen I believe. He was a porn star, and he did it because he thought he was in love. His story is so sad and he’s scared to death to share it with the man he’s falling more in love with every day. When he decides to tell Jackson the truth of his past, he was prepared to rush out of the other man’s house to save face.
  • Jackson is a natural caretaker and Elijah is the one who needs exactly that. They go together so damn well. Jackson is a cuddly bear with Elijah and then the ending happened and I had a tear or two in my eyes! Wait till you meet them and see how Elijah is around Jackson’s friends! You’ll love these two as much as I do! I can guarantee it!

Reviewed by Roxy


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