Roxy reviews: Daniel’s Dream written by Andi Anderson

Book Title: Daniel’s Dream (Men of Charlestown book three)

Author: Andi Anderson

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Kisses: 5







All eight year old, Daniel ever wanted was a family. When he lost both parents in a horrible car accident, he made a Christmas wish a year and a half ago to be part of a happy family once more. Young Daniel knew he’d been granted a Christmas miracle the day that Nick Kirkland walked into his and his Uncle Josh’s lives. Ever since then, Daniel has grown and blossomed from the unconditional love and support that both men have given him.

But, Daniel wants more.

Daniel’s dream has been for his Uncle Josh and his fiance, Nick, to finally tie the knot and truly give Daniel for once and for all the family and stability that he has always wanted. When the question of Nick becoming an official guardian to Daniel comes to light, Daniel realizes that the only thing that would be even better than having two loving Uncles taking care of him…is having the two men he loves most in the world married, and calling them both Father instead.


T2B’s Take:

  • Since I read the first two titles,  I had to read and review this one too! It was a pleasure and honestly, I already miss the little matchmaker that Daniel became in a mere eighteen months.
  • His life with Nick and Josh is perfect. He has everything he needs, but most importantly he has the love of two wonderful men who are perfect for not only each other, but astonishing fathers! I wish I knew men like this in real life!
  • So, there’s Josh and Nick and they have been dating for over a year, and they are happy, but there’s always room for more happy, isn’t there? And that’s where Andi focuses with this story. Daniel wants his uncle to marry Nick, and so did I! Nick is a hoot! He’s the perfect stay at home dad and a terrific man for Josh. They are sweet, loving, respectful, and guiding Daniel in the right direction.
  • I have NO complaints with this story. Not a one. It went smooth. Easy read. Lots of love and kisses, and the sex scenes are great! Though, remember we have an eight year old in the house, it’s tough to have sex with a little one around, as some of you know!
  • Once again, Andi won another award in my opinion. ‘Sweetest romance writer of the year!’ This story ends with a happy note and Daniel finally gets what he’s wanted since the day he moved in with Josh. A family. This story goes to show you that yes, ANY couple can raise children as long as there is love and guidance. I wish the bigots in the world would give these two stories a shot. They need to see how great the men are at being dads. It’s not always best to have a mom and dad when they or one is hooked on drugs or perhaps abusive. So, two moms, or two dads, there’s not a thing wrong with the combo. People are people. Regardless of the sexuality, you small minded twits!
  • Sorry, Andi, didn’t mean to go there, but you did a wonderful job showing the love and making me feel it! Thank you for giving this to us!



Reviewed by Roxy

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