Lydia reviews: Battle Stations and gave it a nice big 4.5 kisses!

Title: Battle Stations

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Author: Chris T Kat

Pages: 200

Kisses: 4.5





The fight to eradicate the Tash’Ba breeding stations continues, with spunky Commander Berit Turner and his Nadisc mate, Tom, in the thick of things. Sometimes it seems as though they’ll never locate and destroy them all. And there’s always the fear that the Tash’Ba have something else, something worse—if that’s even possible—lurking ahead.

As if things aren’t bad enough, Berit’s less than stellar past is threatening to bite him in the ass, and they’ve received alarming new information. The Tash’Ba queen needs to use Earth as a place to hatch the egg of her successor. And if what she says is true, the new queen will be even more voracious and cruel than her predecessor.

Berit, along with his team—Tom, Carson, Niyara, and Fleur—must do everything in their power to stop her. If they fail, Earth will be lost forever.



Battle Stations is the second book in the Alliance series. This is an outstanding science fiction series that fans of the genre really need to pick up. Full of creepy aliens and their army of hybrid monsters that they use to destroy the worlds they are interested in, the books will hold your interest until the last pages. While book one set up the series by introducing the characters and the troubles they are facing, book two takes you deeper into the aliens breeding stations and the Queen’s plans for Earth.

Berit, Tom and the rest of the crew are still trying to destroy the Tash’Ba’s breeding stations; in fact the book starts off with everyone on one of the breeding station planets and its nonstop action from the beginning. The author does an outstanding job bringing these action scenes to life and, many times while reading, I could not help thinking Battle Stations would make a great movie, or television series. Of course while the action in this book is sure to hold your interest, it is not the only part of the story.

The relationships that begun in book one continue in Battle Stations. While the author lets the readers see a little of the relationship between Niyara and Carson as well as the changing relationship between Rene and Ylkurt, it is Tom and Berit who continue to be the main focus.

I love the way Tom continues to allow Berit to find his way, only stepping in when he thinks the human is getting into trouble he cannot handle. The attraction that exists between them is as strong as ever and when they find the time to get together they continue to burn up the pages.

More traitors are revealed and the lengths that some of them go to is crazy. We also learn more about the Tash’Ba Queen. This character is one that could easily show up in someone’s nightmares. She is completely ruthless and the fact that she has set her eyes on Berit worries everyone.

Readers need to keep in mind that this is a series that needs to be read in order. Battle Stations was a great second story and I cannot wait to see what the author has planned for our heroes next.


Reviewed by: Lydia

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