Alison Reviews: Dreamlands by Felicitas Ivey

Title: Dreamlands (Dreamlands 1)
Author: Felicitas Ivey
Publisher: DSP Publications
Length: 290 pages
Characters: Keno Inuzaka and Samojirou Aboshi
POV: First
Sub-Genre: Urban Fantasy
Kisses: 4


The Trust and its battle-hardened recruits are fighting a horrific war, a war between the humans of this world and the demons of the Dreamlands. In this shadowy battle, Keno Inuzaka is merely a pawn: first an innocent bystander imprisoned and abused by the Trust, then a captive of a demon oni when taken to the Dreamlands.

But oni Samojirou Aboshi treats the human with unexpected care and respect, and the demon only just earns Keno’s trust when a team from the Trust arrives to exploit the Dreamlands’ magic.

As the war spreads across both worlds, Keno is torn between them. If he survives, he faces a decision: go home and carve out a new life under the Trust’s thumb… or stay in the Dreamlands and find freedom in love.


“Dreamlands” is not a romance. It’s urban fantasy with a romance thread. It’s also the first in a series (currently three others follow) and has more of a “to be continued” feeling than a happily ever after. You also have four main points of view: Keno Inuzaka, Samojirou Aboshi, and two members of The Trust—Wolf and Mason.

I really loved the way that a lot of Japanese mythology/legend was brought into the story, despite the fact that The Trust is American, and how well the two were used to make the story more interesting. To be honest, I am seriously considering buying the next in the series just to see what happens next, since although Keno got a Happily For Now, there were many threads left unresolved. I really liked Mason and want to know if he ends up happy, too.

I would recommend “Dreamlands” for lovers of intrigue, conspiracy theorists, saga-lovers, and people who enjoy reading about cultures not based on Western civilization.

Reviewed By: Alison

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