Patrick St. James Reviews: Uninvited Guest by Brian Lancaster

Title: Uninvited Guest
Author: Brian Lancaster
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: 189 Pages
Genre: Gay fiction/London/paranormal
Main Characters: Anton, Stephen, Sebastian, Christian and a cast of beautiful people
Rating: 5 LARGE Kisses


Fate is conspiring against lawyer Anton Swann. First, his Grandmother dies, then he hits the worst traffic of his life on the way home from her funeral, keeping him from friends in London—and possibly a much longed-for sighting of his ex. And finally the detour that he thought would save him time, ends with the electrics failing on his car, leaving Anton to trudge through heavy rain back to an old cottage he’d passed along the way, hoping for help.

What he finds instead, is the mysterious Dr. Stephen Miller, a man fighting his own battles. Anton is invited inside to join the tail end of an all-male dinner party, but this is no chance encounter. What Anton thought was fate, is actually a spirit at work making sure he ends up at the cottage—and stays there until unfinished business is resolved for both Anton and Stephen.


A delightful novel and once again lucky to read one set in a British atmosphere. This isn’t a novel filled with wild sex, or even frequent sex. It is truly a novel of a love that develops over time, runs into barriers, as in real life, and pushes on to an inevitable, fate filled ending.

Along with being light on sex, it is also light on the paranormal, which I was hoping there would be more of in the story. However, once again, this is a love story with tinges of the paranormal and sex. I must admit that by the end, I had a tear or two in my eyes. The author knows how to write emotion and tenderness as well as the harsher sides of falling in love that can be encountered when the road is not clear. Anton had to deal with an ex and his new boyfriend and Stephen has to deal with the death of a former boyfriend.

I can recommend this book without reservation for those who seek a solid story of one man falling in love with another who also happens to have a few really neat friends that I wouldn’t mind having in real life. Get the book, you won’t be disappointed!

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by Patrick St. James

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