Patrick Reviews: Seduced by a Legend by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Title: Seduced by a Legend
Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Pages: 54
Main Characters: Ignatius, Desiree, Jacques
Kisses: 4


Monsieur Gregoire Delacroix hires a young tutor for his daughter, Desiree, to continue her education. Ignatius, Desiree’s tutor, arrives at a French ocean-side port and upon leaving the carriage by which he traveled, locates his employers mansion-like house outside of town. The man he receives directions from will have a profound impact upon his stay in Ville sur le Fleuve. A man perceived as a threat, does not always a threat make.


I found this to be a quaint little short story involving a small twist that for once one doesn’t see coming from far away. The author has a way of painting words upon the screen with a deft brush leaving us with a story that is both ghostly, and gripping. After a rather sudden involvement with the one man that continues to show up in Ignatius’s life, they find a way to be together. Is it however, a threesome, or just the couple?

Reviewed by Patrick St. James


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