JMS Books New Releases!

TITLE: Back in the Game
AUTHOR: R.W. Clinger
ISBN: 9781611528633
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 41,900 words
PRICE: $5.99


Twenty-six and gay, Shane Polk isn’t having a good year. After blowing out his ankle during an Everglade Eagles football game, he does eight months of rehab in Pittsburgh. Now that rehabilitation is over, Shane returns home to Florida and comes to terms with the fact that he has to get back in the game, which isn’t easy for him.

Summertime along the Gulf Coast for Shane has been better. Not only does he have the hassles of starting a new job with the Eagles, he grows jealous of his best friend, Frankie, who is falling in love with Mr. Right in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, Shane can’t seem to get a grip on his own love life. Sexy football players come and go, none of whom are worth a long-term relationship. Then he meets Tommy Rawe, a young man with a charming smile. Is Tommy someone special who just might be able to change Shane’s topsy-turvy world for the better?

TITLE: Private
AUTHOR: Matthew J. Metzger
ISBN: 9781611528176
GENRE: Gay Young Adult Romance
LENGTH: 53,919 words
PRICE: $5.99


Sixteen-year-old Shane has finally settled into life in the country, with university ambitions, a steady relationship, and a grudging tolerance for dance that is entirely the fault of his boyfriend, Luke.

Then Shane’s father gets his marching orders, and Shane’s time in this new life is put on a countdown. At sixteen, Shane could legally leave but has nowhere to go. And leaving the first real home he’s had in nearly twelve years doesn’t feel any better whether it’s for the wilds of Cornwall or the local housing association.

But in order to stay, Shane is going to have to tell his very conservative, very military family his biggest secrets … all three of them.

TITLE: Sean’s Predicament
AUTHOR: Edward Kendrick
ISBN: 9781611528534
GENRE: Gay Mystery Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 30,154 words
PRICE: $4.99


A C21 Story

Sean Miller is a professional thief. When he breaks into the home of C21 handler Jonah and is discovered, Jonah makes him an offer he can’t resist — join the covert organization and put his talents to a more legitimate use. C21 skirts the edges of the law, bringing criminals to justice that the police can’t seem to catch, and they could use someone with Sean’s talents.

For his first job, Sean is teamed with Ken Ward, one of Jonah’s men, to bring down a phony adoption racket. In the process, Sean fights his growing interest in Ken, certain it won’t be reciprocated. Is he right? Or will the two men become more than just partners when they are teamed up again to stop a gang of jewel thieves?

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