Patrick Reviews: Ghosts of Halloween Past by MD Grimm

Title: Ghosts of Halloween Past
Author: M. D. Grimm
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 58
Main Characters: Sheriff Jack Ulger and Travis Kuger
Kisses: 4


“Wolf Shifter Sheriff Jack Ulger and cougar shifter Travis Kuger protect the shifters and human allies living in Haven, Montana. They have known each other for nearly a decade but haven’t always been friends. One Halloween night, as teenagers, that changed when Travis saved them both from an abandoned mill and the ghosts haunting it.

Years later, it’s Halloween again, and Travis never shared the ghostly experience with anyone, least of all the skeptic Jack. But he soon regrets the omission when Jack becomes trapped in the same abandoned mill while trying to find two lost kids. Jack must now protect the children, fight off a spiritual attack, and find a way to freedom. Travis knows something is wrong and enlists the help of their friends, and he can only hope that they’ll be in time to save Jack from the dark entities.”


This was a very good story that managed to pull elements from a couple supernatural themes together rather well. We not only have the shape shifters; the wolf and cougar, but ghosts are thrown into the mix to stir up the danger.

Grimm manages to create a grim tale of danger involving ghosts who refuse or are unable to move on in their existence and instead continue a noxious association in death. The only reason I didn’t give this story 5 kisses, is that there is an incident that has affected the town of shifters and their allies, without going into any background as to who, what and how they did a terrible thing.

A fun Halloween story and one that I would recommend

Reviewed by Patrick St. James

Click HERE to enter the Dreamspinner Press website.

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