Daniel’s Dream by Andi Anderson

Title: Men of Charlestown, Book 3: Daniel’s Dream
Author: Andi Anderson
Publisher: Extasy Books
Pages: 85
Characters: Nick, Josh and Daniel
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Family, Series
Kisses: 5


Daniel dreams of a stable family life. Can he convince his Uncle Josh and his fiancée Nick to finally tie the knot and make Daniel’s biggest wish come true?

Last year, eight-year-old Daniel made a fateful Christmas wish for him and his Uncle Josh to find someone special in their lives and bring them closer together. Daniel knows the day Nick entered his and his Uncle Josh’s lives it was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Since the two men have been together, Daniel has basked in the love and affection his two favorite adults have given him.

When a school bully makes Daniel question whether the two men are truly committed to each other, he becomes worried the foundation of happiness his Uncle Josh and Nick have worked so hard to build may come crumbling down around them. Young Daniel craves the true stability from both men to officially pledge their lives and devotion together that he believes only a marriage ceremony can give.

All Daniel has ever wanted is to be an official family. Now all he has to do is convince Uncle Josh and Nick to do it, so his biggest dream can come true.


When it comes to a sweet, grab you by the seat of your pants and tug at your heart type of story, Andi Anderson sure knows how to put one together and make you sigh, and laugh, smile, and frown and even laugh aloud with relief.

The two men and Daniel are back in this story with a powerful message about bullying, love, and faith. Daniel has a dream, and that’s to see his Uncle Josh, and Nick tie the knot so they can become a real family. Daniel craves the stability a family offers, he wants what he once knew, and though he’s very loved and taken care of, he needs to know Josh and Nick will be there for him. He wants more than anything to call them father and the men proudly take that step to ensure Daniel has the best of both.

Highly Recommended

The Men of Charlestown books are:

Yummy Indulgences
His Christmas Wish
Daniel’s Dream

Reviewed By: Michele


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