Prickly Business by Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade

Title: Prickly Business
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade
Pages: 280
Kisses: 4.5


Some people might call Avery Babineaux a prick. He’s a hedgehog shifter from an old-money Louisiana family, with a penchant for expensive shoes and a reputation for being a judgmental snob. His attitude is why he and his fated mate are estranged. Not that Avery cares. He doesn’t want to be mated to some blue-collar werewolf anyway. Or so he keeps telling himself.

No werewolf likes to be looked down upon, least of all Dylan Green. He doesn’t need a mate, especially not some snotty hedgehog who sneers at his custom motorcycle shop and calls him a grease monkey. But when Avery gets into trouble with a shady loan shark, Dylan can’t stand by and let him be hurt—whether he wants the brat or not.

Yet once Dylan steps into Avery’s world, he realizes there’s more to Avery than his prickly exterior, and that unexpected vulnerability calls to Dylan’s protective instincts. The sassy little hedgehog needs a keeper, and despite their horrible first impressions, Dylan starts to believe he might be the wolf for the job.


Prickly Business is a new shifter story by authors Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade. This is a shifter story with the usual mating pull backdrop, however, what gives this story a twist is that neither shifter wants to acknowledge the mating. This is an aspect that will keep the reader glued to the story waiting to see what will happen.

Avery is a hedgehog shifter, and no pun intended, he is a bit of a prick. His attitude made me want to smack him more than once. When he gets into trouble and his family refuses to bail him out, Avery is forced to get a “real” job. This is when the character really begins to shine and the reader will find themselves rooting for the young man. I loved watching this character move from someone who only cares about what he can get to someone caring and worrying for others.

Dylan is his mate. As a member of the local wolf pack Dylan is used to others having his back when he needs them. This is something that Avery has no understanding of so when Dylan steps up to help him out of his troubles, he is unsure how to act. But Dylan starts to see the real Avery and this brings the two of them closer together.

The authors surprise the readers by weaving a mystery into the story. This mystery allows Avery to find his calling, which does not exactly make Dylan happy, but it does leave the door open for the authors to bring these two back at a late date.

Prickly Business is a well written story that is sure to bring these authors many new fans. It is a story that will appeal to shifter fans as well as those who love mysteries. It is one story that I will be reading again in the future.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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