Sentimental Sunday: Power Play by JM Snyder

Power Play by JM Snyder

Several years ago, I’m not sure how many, I belonged to romance (M/F) book group and someone mentioned M/M books. Around this time I was starting to get tired with the books I was finding and decided to give the M/M genre a try. I was not sure where to look, at the time I don’t believe there were a lot of publishers online, and all I had was a small palm pilot. I found a few books that sounded interesting, there were some shifters, and cowboys, but the book that became one of my all-time favorites, one that I go back to time and again is JM Snyder’s Power Play.

I love this book and from the first page I was hooked. The story is about two young men and the only thing they have in common is the fact that they’re both athletes. Ryan Talonovich plays hockey on his college team. He is so good that they chant his name whenever he hits the ice. He has dreams of making the big time and knows nothing can stand in his way. During a practice game with members of his team Ryan is seriously injured and finds himself in a wheelchair. While the doctors try to tell him he MAY walk again someday, his days on the ice are over. That’s all Ryan hears and he is divested by the news. Ryan does not always come across in a good light. He’s nasty to his mother and he’s an ass to his physical therapist and former teammates. But this is a nineteen year old kid who has just gone through a scary accident. He’s afraid and not sure how to handle the road he now finds himself traveling. Ms. Snyder brings all of this across in a very realistic way and as I read I could not able but feel sorry for Ryan. It became easy to understand his actions even as I wanted to tell him to cut his parents some slack.

Dante Espinosa is a speed skater trying to make it to the Olympics. He’s only eighteen but he knows what he wants and he plans on making it, but he comes from the wrong side of the tracks and that means he has to work harder than anyone else. Not just to improve his times, but also to make sure he has enough money to pay his skating fees as well as pay his bills. During an event he is drawn to a young man sitting in the stands, so much so he almost loses his chance to advance to the finals. When he is done with his race he can’t keep himself from finding out whom the guy is the stand is. There is a toughness to Dante that I love, yet at the same time there is an innocence about him as well. I think most of that is due to the fact that he has spent most of his life focusing on skating. The one time he ventured away from that, led to heartache.

From the time Dante and Ryan meet there is an instant connection. The two know they are meant for each other, but it is more than that. Dante brings out the best in Ryan, and shows him he has something to fight for. While Ryan shows Dante what it is like to have someone in his corner, whether it is in the stands during a race or making sure Dante’s boss knows what no means. I loved the way these two bonded, as well as watching Ryan and Dante grow as individuals and as a couple. The story does have a few tough moments as both guys face issues with those close to them. That does not keep them from going after what they want. No matter how many times I have read this book I still find myself getting anxious at times and can’t help rooting for the men as they fight for their happily ever after. The one problem with this story however that is screams for a sequel, and believe me I am one of many fans who have contacted the author with hopes that one would be in the wings soon.

From the moment I starting reading Power Play I became a fan of not only the author’s but the genre as well. I have since read hundreds of books covering many sub-genres and have added many authors to my must buy/read file. Thank goodness for eBooks as I am sure I would have run out of storage room in the house a long time ago.

Sentimental Sunday Post by Lydia

Blurb for Power Play:

Ryan Talonovich is the star of his college hockey team, until an accident during practice leaves him confined to a wheelchair. The doctors say he’ll walk again but a new season is already underway and he’s been replaced on the team, which leaves him feeling alone and betrayed. What’s the use of fighting to get back on the ice now?

Then he meets Dante Espinosa, a short track skater on the city’s speed skating club. Though he has to work overtime to afford his sport, Dante is hell on ice, and dreams of making the cut on the U.S. Olympic Speedskating Team.

Their love of the ice brings them together, but too many obstacles stand in their way: Ryan’s struggle with therapy. The memory of Dante’s first boyfriend. Lack of funding to the event, Dante’s harassing boss, a skating friend in love with him, and Wil Dietrich, who will do anything to win.


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