Kissed by Nemesis by Andi Anderson

Title: Kissed by an Immortal, Book 2: Kissed by Nemesis
Author: Andi Anderson
Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc
Pages: 143
POV: 3rd
Sub Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Series, Romance
Kisses: 4


Nemesis breaks the laws of fate to be with his forever mate, but will Jared be able to accept what he must door them to have an eternal life together?

Jared lived an ordinary life until the day kidnapped because of his twin brothers evil deeds. Days later he comes to the horrific conclusion he will not be saved.
Just when he’s lost all hope, out of nowhere an ethereal looking man appears and Jared begins to believe this gorgeous creature just might be his salvation after all.

Nemesis has one job to do. He must follow the laws of fate and sit in judgment of mortals. When Nemesis is called to witness the dire circumstances surrounding Jared because of his brother’s cruel choices, he is surprised when the helpless mortal can see and talk to him.

Instinctively knowing Jared his his forever mate, Nemesis breaks the laws of fate and saves Jared’s life in turn threatening his own existence. Only Jared’s unconditional love and acceptance will seal their destiny together, but will his mortal be able to face the harsh judgment of what’s to come?


I have anxiously been waiting for this sequel to Kissed by Death (Book 1 in the Kissed by an Immortal series) and I was not disappointed and was immediately drawn into this story.

It doesn’t get any sexier than immortal Nemesis.

He truly deserves his “one” but I have to tell you I questioned whether Jared deserves him. Jared’s twin is a user and not a pleasant person at all. He has taken from Jared many times and even turned him over to thugs that have beaten and shot him. When Nemesis, who is this beautiful creature rescues him all the immortal wants is to love him. Nemesis even puts his own eternity in jeopardy to make Jared happy, but Jared doesn’t think he can live with Nemesis judging your twins evil deeds….really?

Good thing Jared does have some redeeming qualities and is sexy as all hell! Plus, who doesn’t love a man who loves his cat?

I loved Kissed by Nemesis and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get the other brothers’ stories, because I don’t want this series to end!

Andi Anderson is an amazing writer and I know you will want to add her works to your library.

I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed By: Cheryl


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