Sentimental Sunday: Finding Zach by Rowan Speedwell

Five years ago this month I reviewed a book titled: Finding Zach, written by Rowan Speedwell. And given that we’re doing a Sentimental Sunday special I thought I’d share one of my all-time favorite books with you, just in case you missed it back then.

Finding Zach is one I’ve read at least five times since the print copy arrived and each time I pick up something more, learn something else, see what I didn’t. This story does nothing but get stronger with each read.

I tend to read very fast and yes, I do comprehend everything I read and I remember what it was about. I may forget titles and character names at times but with this particular one, I haven’t forgotten anything. Not a single thing. I read it fast and then read it slow, then I did it again and I never tire of flipping through each page as if it were the first time I’ve seen them. The book is in excellent condition, not a crease to be found, not a single page bent or marred up. It is like new and will remain that way.

Even after all the years that have passed, and all of the emotional heartache I’ve been through, and then some, this story has remained within my heart, and in my head since I first read it. Honestly, I have never felt so strongly about a book as I do this one. I mean I love other books and many authors. John Saul continues to be one of them high on my list of auto-buy authors. He’s taking a sabbatical at the moment, and I understand that all too well. I love a good John Patterson as well. His two part series, Cross My Heart: Hope to Die. WOW.

Rowan doesn’t have many titles out and that’s A-OK with me because she gave me her best when she wrote Finding Zach. I don’t know how she’ll ever be able to top that story. Really. I’m sorry Rowan but as you know I absolutely love David and Zach and will probably always will.

To those of you unfamiliar with Rowan Speedwell and her talent please look her up. You’ll be happy to know she wrote a second short story that guest stars my two favorite MM characters. Zach and David called: Hopes and Fears which features someone from Finding Zach and how this person learns to move on and find his own true person. I was thrilled to see that title come out due to my favorite characters. I can remember thinking that Rowan must have written that story just for me, well of course she did! LOL! I made such a fuss over her at one of the conventions she’ll never forget it. I think. I adore that lady and her very talented mind.

Once again, Rowan, thank you! I think I need to read it again, it’s about that time.

Here’s my review of Finding Zach

Here’s my review of Hopes and Fears

Both stories still rate on the 5+ Kisses!

Click Here to check out Rowan’s Titles from Dreamspinner Press!!

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Sentimental Sunday post by Michele

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