Alien Attraction by Alice Cain

Title: Alien Attraction
Author: Alice Cain
Publisher: Alice Cain
Length: 22,000 words
Characters: Reece, Nathan, and Jaak
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Science Fiction
Kisses: 3.5


Reece just wanted to spend one uninterrupted picnic with his husband, Nathan. A huge blue-green man falling from the sky and crushing their car was not on the menu, but getting shot in the back when he tries to help is the last thing Reece expected.

Jaak is having a strange day. Not only did the humans try to kill him using an old-fashioned hand grenade, but the man who attempted to treat his injuries is now fighting for his life. Jaak can’t just leave the human behind to die, but a blood transfusion with a Kalpattaan means more than just saving the guy’s life.
How on Earth is Jaak going to explain to Basten, the man he’s loved for years, a man he’s never quite gotten around to marrying, that he’s not only bonded to someone else, but that his new husband also came with a husband of his own as well?


“Alien Attraction” is definitely on the border between erotica and romance, but it’s a ménage so that’s to be expected. Although the plot is a little light, the characters are well thought-out and the story procession is realistic. The aliens have their own genetic differences, which I found really interesting, and obviously some thought had been put into them. For example, the colour is due to a slightly different atmosphere/sun and colours range from light to dark depending on where they live, just like humans on Earth), and the species naturally forms triads of two males and a female because it is needed for procreation (I’ll let you discover why).

I enjoyed the realism of the characters’ reactions and the fact that the mate-bond was handled well and not fated. And I found the reasons for the humans not being returned to Earth were reasonable and reasons I’d probably come up with myself in the same situation.

Overall, “Alien Attraction” is a nice light read when I need a light sci-fi. Ms Cain writes well and I found that I had finished before I realised I was even halfway through. Definitely recommended if you want something light to read that verges on erotica but isn’t.

I have read Ms Cain’s Lupinville series, which I found to be less erotic and have more of a story, but even so, “Alien Attraction” is still permanently on my ereader.

Reviewed By: Alison


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