Liam’s Unexpected Alpha

Title: Liam’s Unexpected Alpha
Author: Alice Cain
Publisher: Alice Cain
Characters: Noah and Liam
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Werewolves
Kisses: 4


When Noah steps in to protect an elderly woman from being attacked by her violent grandson, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Being stabbed by something sharp and mauled by a wolf hadn’t been part of the plan, but waking up to find his wounds healed is just the first of many surprises.
Liam is an accountant, an introvert, and a gay werewolf living in a pack that doesn’t tolerate anyone different. He’s spent his entire life hiding in the proverbial closet and staying out of trouble’s way, and he sure as hell won’t risk the people he loves by letting any of them know the secret he keeps.
But the unexpected rise of a new alpha throws his orderly world into chaos. Finding himself physically attracted to the man is as terrifying as it is fascinating, and Liam struggles to hide exactly what he’s feeling
So what happens when the pack’s new alpha turns out to be a very strong, very capable, very confident ex-Navy SEAL with a soft spot for shy bookkeepers?


I was a bit wary about reading this story. Not only because it was self published and an author I hadn’t read before, but also because it could have been one of those bad write-by-the-method stories. But, not only does Ms Cain write well, I found I finished the story before I realised I was halfway through.

“Liam’s Unexpected Alpha” is a good story about an ex-SEAL who steps in to help when his elderly neighbour is assaulted only to end up becoming a werewolf. Noah is well past thirty and his age, combined with experiences as a SEAL, means he handles his transformation into a mythical being more easily (mostly) than many other humans might. And despite the fact that Ms Cain has titled her story “Liam’s Unexpected Alpha [Erotic gay romance]”, the sexual encounters are not gratuitous or many in number.

I really enjoyed the way that Ms Cain manages to explain things like destined mates, Noah’s ease in shifting (once he gets there), and Noah’s relative ease in handling his new life without either overexplaining or expecting the reader to take things on faith. And the result of Noah’s confrontation with his neighbour’s grandson is actually very believable, even with the grandson’s werewolf strength being a disadvantage to Noah.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves a good paranormal about a human handling being thrust into the werewolf community and the pack’s reactions to both the fact he is the only turned human in the pack and the fact that he is gay when until now, LGBTQ pack members have been severely dealt with. Anyone who enjoys a good romance with a bit of drama is sure to enjoy this book. I certainly did. And even though it might not be a blow-me-away type of story, I liked it so much I bought more of Ms Cain’s stories and it is permanently on my ereader.

Definitely recommended if you want something light to read.

Reviewed By: Alison

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