Check out the latest and greatest from JMS Books!

Hello Friends!! Check out the latest and greatest from JMS Books!!

TITLE: Make Mine to Go
AUTHOR: Dilo Keith
ISBN: 9781611528367
GENRE: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 17,461 words
PRICE: $3.99


One key to the success of Justin and Toby’s marriage is plenty of sexual variety, sometimes with other men they know through the local BDSM club. While Toby assumes the submissive role in their power exchanges, it’s more often Justin who generously caters to Toby’s erotic appetites. Toby’s interest in flirting with a salesman should be trivial in comparison to his other desires. Instead, it sends both men down uncomfortable paths.

Toby manages to assure Justin that it was harmless fun, or so it seems at first. More troubling than Justin being unconvinced is that Toby doesn’t entirely believe his own story. When Toby finally figures out he wants something only another man can give him, he knows it won’t be easy to tell Justin. Is realizing a fantasy — even an exceptionally compelling one — worth the risk?

TITLE: The Hum in the Blood
AUTHOR: Cheryl Jimmerson
ISBN: 9781611528251
GENRE: Lesbian Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 12,691 words
PRICE: $3.99

Being a lesbian is a frightening secret to have in Sasha’s black Southern Baptist family. She attempts to pray away her attraction to women. At college, she meets an older woman, Gwen. When Gwen suddenly dumps her, Sasha takes it as a sign and makes a promise to God not to sleep with another woman.

After college, Sasha leads a celibate life as an accountant. Things change when she meets Lauren, who shares her Southern Baptist background. Estranged from her homophobic family, Lauren is out and proud, and Sasha struggles with her growing feelings. When they declare their love for each other, Sasha is convinced there’s nothing sinful about their union.

But when she comes out to her family, she realizes how steeped her family is in their religious beliefs and how ingrained those same beliefs are in her. Can she overcome her past to find a future with Lauren?

TITLE: The Suicidal Peanut
AUTHOR: Matthew J. Metzger
ISBN: 9781611528091
GENRE: Gay Young Adult Romance
LENGTH: 44,736 words
PRICE: $5.99


Life’s not easy when your mum’s nuts, your uncle is becoming your aunt, and one of your crushes could — and probably would — break your face if he found out how you felt about him.

That’s Tab’s life, though, malevolent gods and all. His text-flirting with Demi, the brother of his best friend, is going nowhere: Demi already has a boyfriend and anyway, who dates their best friend’s twin? But then, the pining after Nick is going nowhere either, because Nick probably likes gay-bashing on Friday nights for fun. He’s gorgeous, but he’s dangerous, and Tab knows better than that.

So what’s a bit of harmless flirting, when one is taken and the other is straight? It’s just a bit of fun.

That is until Demi is suddenly single, and Nick is not looking as straight and scary as he was before.

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