Bent Arrow by Posy Roberts

Title: Bent Arrow
Author: Posy Roberts
Publisher: Labyrinth Bound Press
Pages: 65
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Bisexual Romance, Gay
Kisses: 3.5

Series: Bent Arrow – Book 1


Sometimes curves in the road take you right where you belong.

Luther Almond’s life working the Bakken oil field is perfect—short-lived jobs, temporary housing, and easy hookups. That’s one reason he won’t move home when he inherits the lake house. When Erik Heat bends over to fix Luther’s pipes, his tattoos hint he might be up for more than working on the drain. The last thing Luther expects is to want more from this guy than one night.

Every time they’re together, Luther is more grounded and Erik more confident. When the lake house demands attention, Luther asks for Erik’s help. There he imagines a more permanent life, one where he stops running. But he wants Erik by his side. Can he find the courage—and the words


This is my first time reading Posy Roberts.

I really enjoyed these two MC’s. What starts off as a hook up for hot sex turns into a friendship and a need to spend time with each other away from the hostile environment of zero tolerance of homosexuality in their prospective jobs.

Luther starts falling in love with Eric and nearly loses him due to his fear of other people’s reactions to him being gay and Eric has known the abuse of co-workers who discovered his bisexuality first hand.

What I loved about this short story is the tender moments and the hot sex between these two men. There is a lot of emotional impact and growing moments packed into these 65 pages.

This is a well written story and I would recommend it for readers who want a well rounded story but don’t want a full length novel.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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