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Check out the Latest and Greatest from JMS BOOKS!!

TITLE: Heat Wave: Key West
AUTHOR: Eric Fahnestock
ISBN: 9781611528084
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 16,282 words
PRICE: $3.99


When John returns home to Key West after a vacation, he discovers a stranger living in his garden shed. There are clothes and toiletries, a sleeping roll, and a bike. John is flabbergasted but also intrigued, not in the least because the stranger is very handsome and swims naked in John’s pool.

John spends one hot afternoon prowling around town in an attempt to find out if his friends and neighbors have seen any new, gorgeous men around town. Everyone pleads ignorance. Yet the man returns to the shed every other day or so, while John, caught between anger and fascination, does nothing but watch from a hidden spot on the deck.

One day he comes home to discover the encroaching stranger has upped the ante. His grill has been used to barbeque chicken, and a bottle of good wine and two glasses are waiting on his kitchen table. This is going too far, and he wonders if someone isn’t playing a nasty prank on him.

But when the truth comes out, it’s far more romantic than anything John anticipated.

TITLE: Heat Wave: Stone Mountain
AUTHOR: J.D. Walker
ISBN: 9781611528343
GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 13,233 words
PRICE: $3.99


It’s hot. Really hot. Stace Whitehall is not a fan of the heat wave drenching the city, but that’s the least of his worries. He’s also in heated lust with his coworker, Jenson Sommers, who’s dating Bransworth Manley, a model. Stace knows he can’t compete.

However, after a company hike in Stone Mountain Park — dumb idea in this weather, as far as Stace is concerned — Jenson announces he’s single now. Is it the heat, or is Stace hearing things? The two men end up going out on a date, and everything is perfect until Bransworth turns up with accusations about Jenson that make Stace’s skin crawl.

Bransworth and Stace bond over being duped, and then Jenson threatens them with a gun. It could be the hot weather making everyone crazy, but maybe for Bransworth and Stace, after all they’ve been through, the temperature’s just right.

TITLE: Heat Wave: Wildwood
AUTHOR: J.T. Marie
ISBN: 9781611528312
GENRE: Lesbian Romance
LENGTH: 21,783 words
PRICE: $4.99


When Tara receives a wedding invitation from a cousin she hasn’t seen in years, she knows it’s nothing more than a bid for a gift or money. But Amanda lives in Wildwood, New Jersey, where Tara used to spend her summers as a child, and a much-needed vacation down the shore sounds like the perfect way to finish off a hectic summer.

Every hotel in the tourist trap is booked, though, so Tara’s Aunt Marlene invites her to stay with them the week of the wedding. But Wildwood isn’t quite the island paradise she remembers from her youth, and both her relatives would rather get drunk than have fun on the boardwalk. Plus Marlene is determined to set Tara up with a coworker of hers even though Tara isn’t interested — in men or in romance.

The vacation is beginning to look like a bust until the night of Amanda’s bachelorette party, when Tara meets Delaney, a pretty bartender with fiery curls and a personality to match. Suddenly the summer heat isn’t the only thing making her sweat. Can Tara salvage what’s left of her time in Wildwood with Delaney’s help? Or will family obligations keep her from following her heart?

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