Sequestered Hearts by Michael Kudo

Title: Sequestered Hearts
Author: Michael Kudo
Publisher: Michael Kudo Books
Pages: 218
Kisses: 4.5


After the Riots at Stonewall, a major political movement took place which resulted in Gays/Lesbians becoming slaves.

Colton Taylor was born with every advantage – except parents who are there for him. His father and mother are constantly absent because they’re too busy keeping up on the family business, and when they are around they nitpick at him and make him feel like he’s only a tool to further their legacy.

Colton has no problems with the slaves his family owns. He doesn’t care if they’re gay or lesbian; to him they’re just people. One day he meets an interesting slave named Oliver, and the two hit it off. Eventually they start hanging out (in secret) and a relationship blossoms.

Colton knows if his father was to ever find out it would spell trouble but he can’t stay away from the only person who makes him feel special and loved. Even if it means giving up everything he has. Because love is all that matters. And it always finds a way.


Sequestered Hearts is a contemporary story set within an alternative time period. Up until the Stonewall Riots, everything followed the history we are used to. After the riots, things are completely different from what we know, and not for the better. Some of the things that occur in this book may be difficult for the reader but are important to the story.

The story centers on Colton and Oliver. Colton comes from a very well to do family, one that is so busy that his parents, for all intents and purpose, forget Colton exists unless they need him for something. In many ways I felt bad for Colton, yet at the same time I was surprised by how naive he appeared with the world around him. I realize that some of this has to do with the way he was raised as well as his age, but that he did not pick up on the fact that his actions caused problems for others made me want to shake him.

Oliver is a slave, owned by Colton’s family. In this alternative time line, those that come out as gay are sold into slavery. When the two young men meet there is some confusion as Oliver, at first, does not realize who Colton is. The two men soon become friends, which in its self is a no-no. Once that friendship moves forward, things start going wrong. It is sad to think people would act the way those in Sequestered Hearts did. More than once I was scared for these two young men, especially Oliver. The things that were done to him were terrible.

There are a couple of surprising moments in this story that I think readers will not see coming. The author, I felt, finished this story in a way that could allow for a sequel and I hope we get one soon. I would love to know how their journey north goes and what they find when they get there.

Sequestered Hearts may not be for everyone, however I think it should seriously be looked at. I will be looking for more from this author.

Reviewed by: Lydia

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