Hot Pink News! And a chance to win WIN a $40.00 Amazon gift card! Read on.

Hello, Top 2 Bottom faithful followers!

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped to have a chat. A LOT has been going on with me and even Gabbi. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She stays on top of this site and does an amazing job. I try to stay as hidden as possible. As you’ve noticed.

Anyway, I’m going to use this chance to do some promo.

I know most of you are MM readers and don’t like the idea of reading anything about lady bits. I get it. BUT, I’d love if you would give me a chance to show you I can also write outside of the MM genre.  I also know that Top 2 Bottom isn’t known for a lot of traffic, and between you and I, that reason there was one of the biggest reasons I almost shut this site down. The work it takes to run it is anything but easy. Then to see the amount of traffic we get in comparison to other sites is VERY disheartening. We don’t know what to do to bring that up because we refuse to engage in gossip of any sort. We don’t like to host any tours because they are a lot of work to set up and we retired the site from interviews  by authors simply because the work that took in comparison to the stats was HORRIBLE. So, I decided it wasn’t worth my time, nor Gabbi’s. We will do as many guest blogs by authors as they send, but they don’t send many. So, we stick to reviewing what we want to read.

In saying that, I am hoping to get a few of you to give my new project a chance.  To win a $40.00 Amazon Gift Card all you have to do is head over to Loose ID, purchase a copy of Hot Pink Condom, Hot Pink Crop, and Hot Pink Passion, then send me the email that shows you did, and I’ll have an online gadget to select the lucky winner. I’ll then send the winner their prize. Easy and not expensive at all. As you’ll see below.



McKayla believes she has the best of both worlds. A steady job which allows her to focus on what she does the best at a marketing firm located in downtown Denver. She has had a steady relationship with Kurt, the man of her dreams. Together they explore role playing and that can lead them into areas which allows her to hide behind who she is at the moment.

When she plays someone else, she doesn’t have to focus on her feelings or give them thought, which is fine by her. She witnessed her own parent’s marriage and how badly it fell apart. She would watch her father when he didn’t think she was looking,she saw the misery in his eyes, along with the unshed tears. McKayla swore she’d never allow a partner to do that to her.

McKayla’s world is perfect. Never mind the fact that each time Kurt comes home for the weekend to spend time with her, to have someone to touch, kiss, and have sex with, along with the role-playing, she’s seeing love around her everywhere. And now, she starts to see a change in her boyfriend that she can’t and won’t face. If she does, she’s sure she’ll lose him.

And as of 6/13/2015 it’s on sale! $2.24 price subject to change at any time.


Roleplaying keeps McKayla safe, keeps her feelings and her emotions in check. All she can think of is the next scene and feeling the man of her dreams giving her the pleasure she craves. She knows, as he does that no matter who holds the crop, no matter who is tied up, no matter what role they are playing, Kurt is the true Alpha, the true Dom to her submissive side. She knows one word from him, her mind instantly melts and awaits his direction.

But she fears her relationship with Kurt is slipping away, because she can’t give him what he really wants. And his long absences for work give her too much time between scenes to fixate on what that is: love. For her to say it. She shows it; she’s damn good at showing it whenever they spend time together. Still, if she says it, everything between them will change forever. If she doesn’t, soon, she may just lose him.

As of 06/13/2015 sale price is: $3.99/ price is subject to change at any time



McKayla’s a successful professional by day who likes a little tie-me-up, tie-you-down by night with her long-time boyfriend Kurt, whenever he’s in town. It’s not a secret that she loves him; everyone who sees them knows but she’s got a nasty hang-up about saying the words. If she can’t say “I love you”, it may destroy her relationship with Kurt. When he walks out on her after a long night of D/s play, she believes she’s lost the only man she could ever love.

Late at night, alone in an alley, McKayla is kidnapped. In a remote area in the Rocky Mountains, her kidnapper teaches her a thing or two about how to connect with people without saying a word.

Sale price as of 06/13/2015: $4.99/ price is subject to change at any time.

Please follow the links under each title to head over to Loose Id. You can send your email to: – clicking link will open your email in a new browser.  OR you can reach me on Facebook via PM.

Don’t forget. It’s a win win situation. You get to try something different from me AND a chance to win a $40.00 Amazon gift card. That way you can go buy up a bunch of yummy reading, OR maybe a Hot Pink something?

Contest ends August 17, 2015 @ midnight.


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