Caught Inbetween by Shawna Jeanne

Title: Caught Inbetween
Author: Shawna Jeanne
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 79
Characters: Lori, Jack and Brandt
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Bisexual, MMF Romance
Kisses: 4.5


When Lori Callahan meets Jack and Brandt at an auto care class they teach, she isn’t sure which one of them is hitting on her more. They invite her out for drinks, and she’s surprised to learn they’re already a couple … but they’re looking for someone like her to complete them. Drinks turn into a date, which leads to much more.

Jack Rowe and Peter Brandt have been together since high school, and fight like an old married couple. They don’t agree on anything, it seems, except sex and how they both feel about Lori.

But soon she finds herself caught inbetween the two. She doesn’t want to take sides when her men fight — she loves them both, and knows they love each other, even if they never say the words out loud.

One evening Brandt pushes Jack too far. Will Lori be able to patch things up between them, or will their loving threesome fall apart for good?


Those who follow this site know I am almost strictly a gay romances reader. I’m not a fan of threesomes, so normally I do not seek them out or request them to review. Having said this I really like this author’s work so I thought I would go against my favorite genre I read and give this M/M/F threesome a try.

I’m very glad I did.

The first thing I liked about this book was the dynamics between the three characters. They are all in a fairly new threesome relationship, although Jack and Brandt have been together since high school. Once they met Lori they formed a true bond between all of them.

Jack and Brandt love each other, but Jack is a bit of a hothead who thinks he’s always right, whereas Brandt is calmer and usually does what Jack wants. Because these two men are very different, they argue…a lot. But since Lori has entered their lives, she has been the peacemaker between them and has tried to really solidified their lives together.

I liked how Lori instinctly knew how to handle her two men. Even when they argue *and it drives her crazy* she knows her guys well enough to see what the best avenue it will take for them to make amends. The friendship and love they feel together is a strong one and I as a reader truly enjoyed it.

Although Jack is a very alpha male *which I do like* there were times I thought he went overboard at always being right and always accusing Brandt of messing up or being wrong. In all honesty, if it weren’t for Lori’s wise moves AND the love they shared between them, I would totally understand if Brandt left for good. In the end, I’m thrilled with the outcome of the book and only hope Jack will learn to cool his temper a little.

Also, the sex between them is very HOT! Whew! They all had an intense sexual chemistry between them that really popped off of the written page. Between the emotional and physical relationship these three people had together, Caught Inbetween was definitely a sexy and romantic read.

Caught Inbetween is a very sexy story that I highly enjoyed and easily recommend. Even for those of us who primarily read the M/M genre this book is written so well I ended up truly enjoying the relationship between the trio. I would love to see how the threesome does years down the line, so I hope the author will one day revisit these well-written characters.

Caught Inbetween would be a perfect read on a lazy rainy day. Those who love threesomes and M/M/F romances, this book is definitely for you!

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by: Gabbi


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