Being Wanted by Caitlin Ricci

Title: Being Wanted
Author: Caitlin Ricci
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 61,985 words
Characters: Cole & ? (I won’t spoil it for you)
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Dystopian / Futuristic
Kisses: 4.5


When Earth has been taken over by alien cat shifters, finding refuge with their prey might not be the safest idea.

For Cole, life used to be simple. He was a military man and knew where he stood in the world. But that was all before the first of the cats came. Now, years later, all but the strongest of the human race have been killed off by the aliens, and those that are left are their slaves. Day and night, Cole is forced to help destroy the human world and return his planet to the way it was before the humans took over.
He’s able to escape, just barely, but an accident leaves him injured and at the mercy of people he can’t be sure are there to help him. There’s a man there that catches his interest, but finding time for a relationship when the world is going to hell around him isn’t exactly going to happen. These people offer him safety and hope, but Cole isn’t sure who he can trust anymore, and love might just be the most dangerous risk of all.


“Being Wanted” is not a typical romance in that the focus isn’t only on the romance. Instead, it is on everything and the romance side of things is just one more facet to what is happening. I would almost class it as a dystopian novel with romance elements. Having read this author before I expected good things. I wasn’t disappointed. The world building is strong and as the story goes along you are given hints that there is far more happening than Cole knows. And the people, as with real life, are complicated and have their own pasts. For those who don’t like the mate-bond situation, it is done well and is not a guarantee of happiness.

I can’t tell you much about the story of “Being Wanted” without putting my foot in it—since the blurb says most of it—but I will tell you that Cole, an ex-Marine, is alone in a world where the cat shifters are in charge and humanity has been enslaved and decimated: only the strong (or stubborn) still live, and even those remnants are either slaves or hunted down mercilessly. After ten years as a slave spent pulling down towns and cities while being fed barely enough to survive, Cole no longer fears death. As far as he’s concerned, it is a good alternative to his current existence.

I think one of the best bits is when the violence against one of the Mountain people shows Cole (and the reader) how different the Mountain people culture is and how he (and the reader) are more hardened to violence.

I would recommend this book for dystopian readers, lovers of armageddon-type stories, and lovers of sci-fi, regardless of whether they are romance readers or not. I can’t wait for the next story.

I have read other Caitlin Ricci books and can only say she continues to get better and better. If you like shifter stories, try Caitlin Ricci’s Pine Hollow Wolves series that starts with “Man’s Best Friend”.

Reviewed by Alison

Buy link: HERE

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