Purify by Etienne

Title: Purify
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 346
POV: 3rd
Kisses: 4.5


Reporter Clint Buchalla has been tasked by his editor with delving into the activities of a sitting Senator, who is rumored to have been caught in bed with a dead girl and a live boy. Clint begins what he suspects will be a months’ long investigation. Instead, things quickly come to a head, and he and his partner, Lucien, find themselves in mortal danger.

The search for the rent boy leads to dinner with an older couple, one of whom worked as a rent boy in DC for twenty years, until he was paid two million dollars by the Senator’s aide and ordered to disappear. The rent boy wants something in return for his testimony, though. He wants Clint to help him get his memoirs published.

In the midst of everything else, new information comes to light regarding Clint’s previous investigations into the activities of people who seem determined to lower the birth rates of certain groups. It might take an attempt on their lives before all the pieces start falling into place.


Purify is the third mystery novel in author Etienne’s, The Ivory Solution: The Chronicles of Old Town. Once again newspaper reporter Clint is back with a variety of stories that he can’t walk away from. When the story opens up Clint is given a story to follow by his publisher and editor. What starts off as a story about the escapades of a sitting Senators soon becomes much more. A lead sends Clint after a former rent boy who has information on past and current Politian’s, information that puts Clint and his partner Lucien in danger.

There are a lot of twists in this portion of the story, and I was not surprised by the events that occurred due to the people Clint was investigating. I liked the way the author rounds out this part of the story, giving the readers a glimpse of what happens to some of the Politians that Clint wrote about.

One of the things I love the most about this series is the fact that the author does not settle on one mystery. In Purify, readers are given more facts on the birth rate case, the story that originally introduced Clint to the readers. I was surprised by the way this part of the story played out. While the author does close up some of the lose end in this mystery, new questions are opened up and I cannot wait to see what will be revealed next.

As always the author fills his stories with a variety of secondary characters. There is of course Lucien, who has finally realized his dream and is in the process of opening his restaurant. Of course this does not go smoothly. Old friends and co-workers show up and new ones introduced. And what would a mystery be without a few bad guys thrown into the mix.

Purify is an excellent story for those who love the mystery sub-genre. However, it is important that new readers to this series realize that the books must be read in order.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by: Lydia

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