Finally Fallen by Z. Allora

Title: Finally Fallen
Author: Z. Allora
Publisher: Z. Allora
Length: 81,000 words
Characters: Dusty Davis and Justin
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Cross-dressing
Kisses: 3


What’s the use of being a rock legend if you have no one to share the fame and fortune with? Not that Dusty Davis is looking. He’s content taking care of himself, his bandmates, and his rambunctious younger brothers.
And while the rest of The Dark Angels are happily paired with men, Dusty can’t be gay. A night in a club brings him face to face with the woman of his dreams. J is articulate, well-read, witty, and smart. How could Dusty not finally fall?

J didn’t mean to deceive Dusty; he introduced himself as Justin, after all. He didn’t realize the drummer heard, “Justine” and missed the other cues. Dusty’s declarations of love sounded too good to be true. After all, who could possibly want someone as broken as Justin?
But the heart wants what the heart wants, and love knows no gender.


“Finally Fallen” is a contemporary novel based around the drummer of a band that is doing well enough to be touring both in the US and overseas. With the other three band members in gay relationships (two with each other), he’s beginning to want a strong relationship of his own. Enter Justin/Justine/J.

There is a fair bit of sexual content, but I think the author handled it well, and I love the way the author dealt with the various issues (both internal and external) Dusty and J experienced. The instant connection between Dusty and J is well done, as I have seen/experienced the same myself, and Dusty’s realization that he wanted to be in a relationship with Justin, and the way he handled it, was realistic.

I would definitely recommend this book for lovers of contemporary stories, especially those that handle things a bit differently, and if I was a huge contemporary reader I would probably have already purchased the other books in the series.

Overall, a good book with some really interesting plot points. This one will be staying on my ereader.

Reviewed By: Alison

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