Absolution by EM Leya and Nicole Colville

Title: Sinful Temptation Collection, Book 2: Absolution
Authors: EM Leya and Nicole Colville
Publisher: E.L. Publishing
Pages: 270
Characters: Jonathon, Asher
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


For most of his adult life, Jon dedicated his life to the church, finding solace in helping others, but there has always been something missing. Up until now, he’s been able to push that aside and move forward, letting everyone think he’s happy and doing what he loves.

Ash doesn’t want to continue with life. Left behind to live a cold and empty life after his partner died in a tragic accident, he doesn’t see any future for himself. He goes through the motions of living, but inside he’s ready to give up. All that’s left behind is the anger and hurt he has inside him.

Finding comfort in each other’s company, the two men struggle with emotions, guilt and fears about the future. Confiding only in each other, they grow closer, both denying the bond building between them, and a past that won’t let them move on.


The writing team of EM Leya and Nicole Colville are quickly becoming one of my favorites. As soon as I finished reading their first book in the Sinful Temptation Collection series, Horizontal Analysis, I immediately began this one. Like the first book, it is as much of an attention grabber and I found myself reading it from start to finish in one setting.

One of the great things about this book was the relationship these men have together. They form a true friendship and even though there is a sizzling attraction between them, they don’t act on it. Why? Well, Jon is a catholic priest and Ash is grieving over the death of his first love. Both of these two men are runners. They run from their own demons and do what they can to avoid dealing with hard, life changing situations by often jumping head first into things so they don’t have to handle the difficult things going on in their own lives.

I also loved the forbidden aspect of their feelings toward each other. Jon, in particular, has been having doubts about his calling in life. Being a priest isn’t an easy job and even though he’s a compassionate, hard-working one, he is lonely and begins to wonder what life can be outside the church. When he meets Ash, Jon has to really confront these feelings and I thought the authors did a great job at not sweeping these conflicting thoughts and feelings under the rug. Both Jon and Ash really have to face their fears if they are to grow and evolve as people and I truly loved watching them do this.

There were times Asher broke my heart. He hasn’t handled the loss of his partner well, and is deliberately not getting on with his life. When he begins to work with Jon, I was glad to see him finally come to terms with his loss and make big efforts to get on with his life. These two men were really great together. They bring out the best and even worst in each other, but witnessing their journey was a beautiful one indeed and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Although this story has more angst in it than its predecessor, there are plenty of light-hearted moments too. The authors really did balance this out well and I thought the story itself was a well thought out, balanced one.

Finally, we get to see how Killian and Zach are doing. (They are the couple from the first book). They are still my favorite in the series so far, but after reading this story, I do believe all of the main characters need a gold star by their name after dealing with Killian’s mother. Good Lord that woman would drive a saint to drink!

Absolution is a very easy book to recommend. I loved all of the characters and thought it was a great addition to the series. I can’t wait to see what these authors have in store for us yet and hope the next book in the series comes out soon!

The Sinful Temptation Collection series in book order are:

Horizontal Analysis *see my review for it HERE*

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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