A Game of Chances by TC Blue

Title: The Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club series, Book 1: A Game of Chances
Author: T.C. Blue
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Kisses: 3
Reviewed by: Roxy


Book one in the Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club Series

Two men, too many secrets, and even more situations trying to keep them apart. Can love really conquer all?

A meeting brought on by seeming coincidence throws Marcus and Tanner together. After becoming friends, certain truths are revealed, leading to feelings of betrayal as well as a degree of danger.

Tanner has more secrets than one man ever should, not the least of which is that he’s an operative for a gray-ops organisation that’s something of a family business. Sharing even that much information could kill more than just his friendship with Marcus. When one misstep on Tanner’s part plants possible danger in Marcus’ lap, he does what he needs to do.

Marcus doesn’t know that Tanner is after the man Marcus used to date, but he for damned sure finds out, and that’s just the start of things. When a computer disc and men with guns come into play, Marcus has some decisions to make. Like whether he can forgive Tanner for making him love a lie… and how far Marcus is willing to go to secure his own happiness.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving weapons and violence, and some instances of drug/alcohol abuse. There are also references to paedophilia, non-consensual sex between an adult and a minor, prison gang-rape, and murder.


So, what we have here is the start of a series, the first of four, to date. It’s about people who belong to an organization funded by someone unknown, but they do work that the Feds, FBI, and the CIA won’t, don’t, or can’t. We’re looking at highly trained men and women who are assigned to play games. Games are also known as jobs.

In this particular story, we have two main characters, Marcus and Tanner. Marcus is the one we meet first and he’s on the mend from a relationship that went south. He meets Tanner, who oddly enough lives in the apartment which Marcus used to live in with his ex, Stephen, who ends up being the target in the Game that Tanner is playing.

Games- from what I can gather in the first story are dangerous sex missions. The organization uses sex as a ploy to get what they need or want. I don’t know much more than that, at this moment. So, we’ll move on to what the game is about.

Tanner is adorable. His description by Marcus, ‘Sex on a Stick.’ Lovely long silky hair, tall lean and has the full package. Marcus is more on the gruffy side, and the man Tanner really wants. However, as Tanner is on a job doing a game, and sets up house with Marcus’ ex, well, it’s a bit of a mess. Now, Marcus has no idea what Tanner is up to, all he knows is what he’s told, and he’s an out of work bartender when they meet. They meet over mail, develop a great friendship that ends up one with benefits, and then drama and action soon follow.

Stephen is the Asst. DA and is a sneaky little prick who needs to be taken down a few notches. Tanner dirties himself to attempt that but things got a little crazy.

On one side we’re working with the Mob, which ends up being Marcus’ side, (more on that in a moment as it was sorta just dropped on me as a last minute oh this looks like a GREAT idea lets write it in, type thing.) And then we have the other side that Tanner is on. So, Tanner is and has been working against the directors wishes, (his father is the director) to bring down a group of sick pigs who rape underage kids for a good time. YAY on Tanner. Sadly, Stephen was a part of that mix, but as things rarely work out for the good guys, Tanner really ends up doing all he did for nothing, as he was caught trying to be slick. He ends up running to Marcus, after a pretty bad night of sex, and blood, and threats.

One thing I wanted to point out here is that Tanner and Marcus do make a really cute couple. I truly adore them.

The story itself is a bit on the ah, okay, sorta boring, lots of info dumping, a bit of telling, needed more showing, like a lot more because it would have given more to the plot, but it is what it is.

Sadly, Tanner ends up in a psych ward, Marcus ends up without him, and the day is saved by Patrice, the only woman in the story and she’s Tanner’s sister and also the one who works right under the director, her father. She is referred to as a bitch oh too many times, and has the balls of steel. She’s actually the one who saves the day in this story in more ways than one. Though she’s a secondary character she’s well fleshed out, has her own personality, her own flaws, and I really like her.

I do not like that the other characters in the story kept going on about how bitchy she is. She has a huge responsibility with the organization and to get stubborn men to give what she’s saying any precedence. She’s damn good at what she does, or so we’re told.
Now, the action: The most action I read were the sex scenes. I don’t know really what these guys/gals do other than have sex. I did read about them being trained to shoot, and fight, but when one of the MC’s ended up kidnapped, there was no fighting going on. A team was called in to extract him, thanks to Patrice’s awesome skills, so twice she saved Tanner’s ass. I tell you, she wasn’t given near enough credit.

I was hoping to see some real hand on hand combat, or some really good special ops moves, but not in this story. There are three more to go, so here’s to hoping.

Onto what I discovered.

How did I feel about the plot? It needed more than just sex. Loved the main characters though Tanner seems to love adrenaline sex, and you’ll find out why. The characters? Were they relatable? Believable? I want to say yes and no. At times, if the author did not tell me who said what, I wouldn’t know who was responsible for an action or who said what. I could tell that the same person wrote both characters. And yes, that’s how it does go, but when a writer creates characters, they have to be different from each other in some ways. Looks alone won’t make them different. So, we hope to reply on how their speech varies, or their physical movements, or a flaw, or something that makes them feel different to the reader. To me, they could have been the same person. I loved them yes, but that’s because I didi enjoy who Tanner was at the start of the story, when he did seem to be different. As the story went on, the only thing he was responsible for being different on would be his usage of Honey. I needed more of a personality or something. But, again, as I say, this is my opinion. Take that for what it’s worth.

How was the pacing? Ah, I found myself bored with all the sex scenes. I wished there was more than just that and the telling of high adventure action. I’d rather be told at times that they had sex, and see some adventure. As far as moving things along for the movement of the story, the author did a good job.

Is the ending satisfying? Yes. The two main characters did get together, and teamed up as trainers. That was nice to see.

Recommend? If you like a lot of sex, and a bit of repetition (as shown below) then give it a shot.,

Okay, this is where I am going to show you some of the things I noticed while reading book one.

Overused words:
God- was used 120 times within 170 pages.
Jesus- was used 252 times
JFC- was used eight times
Fuck- (fucking) was used 252 times
Honey (as used by Tanner) was said sixty times.
Yeah: was said sixty-three times
Sentences which were incomplete and or ended with periods such as … a staggering 406 times. (This here kept pulling me out of the story. The characters would say or think something, or start to, and it would end with … and a new thought. I get it a few times but using it that much leads me to believe these specially trained individuals could not manage a complete thought.)
Em-dashes: – used a whopping 387 times
The word JUST was used an amazing 383 times.

Not trying to be hateful or disrespectful to the author, but I’m sure the editor could have helped to build the words a bit, and to suggest many replacements.
And finally, this: God. Just God. Help him. Help. Him. God. God,

Reviewed by: Roxy


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