Horizontal Analysis by EM Leya and Nichole Colville

Title: Sinful Temptation, Book 1: Horizontal Analysis
Author: EM Leya and Nicole Colville
Publisher: E.L. Publishing
Pages: 224
Characters: Killian, Zachary
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5+


When Zachary is sent to London to audit a very high profile company, the last thing he expected was to meet the man of his dreams on the flight there.

Killian’s life has been hell for the last few years, but meeting Zach is the breath of fresh air he needed, even if he is half his age. He didn’t expect things between the two of them to escalate as fast as they do.

One night of passion isn’t enough, but there is danger in pursuing more, especially when fate throws them a curveball they never expected, and with Killian’s ex ready for the attack, they could lose everything, still, with the chemistry between them, staying apart isn’t an option.

With an attraction like neither has experienced, they are willing to risk it all, fighting the world around them that wants to keep them apart. Challenged in ways the two couldn’t imagine possible, they must figure out how to hold on to something they know they might never find again.


Wow! Horizontal Analysis is a hot and steamy romance that kept this reader on the edge of her seat. I loved the intense chemistry between the two men and was gripped by the fast-paced storyline.

There are several things I love about this book.

I love a great May/December romance…and this one is one of my favorites. Killian is older and wiser. He’s experienced life, traveled the world, had his heart broken and although he is a little bitter because of his previous relationship, he is a really NICE guy. Zach is really just getting his feet wet in the business world. Although he hasn’t been at it long, he’s already established a good reputation for what he does. He’s from a small town. He’s never been on love. He hates to travel. And, he’s also got a very sweet disposition about him. I loved these two men and ADORED them together.

I love a book that has a strong plot that will keep me on edge. Even though Killian and Zach are together, it’s forbidden. If their bosses find out, well, they could lose their jobs. Also, there is someone in the company that is a embezzling money…I loved seeing them figure out who it was and how well they worked as a team.

Who doesn’t love guys in suits? I do! Whew! These two men were very sexy, and together they steamed up my computer screen several times while I read this book. I love the intense physical and emotional chemistry they had together. Loved them and couldn’t get enough of them!

Last but NOT least, I loved that there was a strong storyline and there was enough angst to keep me wondering what was going to happen next.

Horizontal Analysis is one of my favorite reads this year. I’ve already read it twice and plan on reading it again soon. I loved this writing team and can’t wait to read more books by them! Horizontal Analysis is a very easy book to recommend. If you are looking for a well-written romance with plenty of snappy dialog and a fast-paced storyline, this book is definitely for you!

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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