Modern Serpents Talk Things Through by Jamie Brindle

Title: Modern Serpents Talk Things Through
Author: Jamie Brindle
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Characters: Tina the Dragon and Kate the Human
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Lesbian
Kisses: 3


Tina is a modern dragon, or at least she struggles to be. She’s (mostly) sticking to her diet, she goes to the gym, doesn’t lounge on her hoard for (too) long, and she’s steadily working through some issues with her therapist.

Like the humans and dwarves that recently invaded her home and shot her with an arrow. She didn’t like killing them—mostly humans seemed like sad little creatures—but they did attack her and so she destroyed them. Except for the one she locked in the cupboard. That bit she’s still working up to telling her therapist about…


This is an odd, sweet little story. Set from the dragon’s point of view, it gives a bit of the sense of being a dream, which was added to by the impression that a “day” for a dragon is actually much longer for a human. Dragons have a society similar to that of humans now, and humans are pretty much at the barbarian level.

Having said that, it is a story about love and how it comes in all sorts of packages. It’s sweet, and you can’t help care for Tina as she muddles through her “issues”. Much like the issues many of us have now, she worries about her figure, whether she’s seen as the right type of dragon, whether she’s too aggressive, not aggressive enough, and such things.

It’s an interesting read, and like most FF stories I’ve read, has no sex (for those who care–I don’t). I’m still not sure if I really like it, but it is likeable, if a little confusing.

Reviewed By: Alison

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