Enforcer by Rob Colton

Title: Timber Pack Chronicles, Book 2: Enforcer
Author: Rob Colton
Publisher: Self Published
Characters: Jed Stone and Buzz Hinske
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Paranormal
Kisses: 3


Jed Stone suffers in silence, damaged and poisoned from his fight with the rogue wolf. But he puts on a smile and does his duty, making sure his Timber Pack mates are safe.

Buzz Hinske belongs to a traditional lycan pack. Challenges and violence seem to be their way of life. Forced into hiding his true nature and feelings, Buzz obeys his alpha without question.

When they come together at the annual Lycan Conclave, Jed is elated to find his destined mate. Unfortunately, Buzz has already been promised to another…

If Jed wants to build a life with Buzz, he’ll have to overcome power-hungry challengers, hunters, and rival packs. But first, he has to convince his scared and confused mate two men can be destined to spend their lives together.


“Enforcer” is a paranormal drama that continues the story begun in “Timber Pack Chronicles”. It tells the story of Jed Stone’s mating with Buzz Hinske while at the same time continuing the tale of the Timber Pack and its members. At this point I haven’t read the first book in the series, but I will be. Although I did find that I picked up the story easily enough, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had already known the characters.

The story is pretty much spelled out in the blurb, but if you’ve read the previous book, you’d probably enjoy returning to the Timber Pack. “Enforcer” is certainly better than some of the paranormal stories I’ve read, and is the perfect book if you need a smooth read to sit back and chill with.

I would say that most lovers of werewolves, mate bonds, and drama would enjoy appreciate “Enforcer”. Having read other Rob Colton books, this one follows in the vein of an easy read with a relatively engaging style.

Reviewed by Alison


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