Aren’t you the least bit curious?

To all readers of the MM community – which basically means everyone – T2B Reviews would like to do something more to fulfill the natural curiosity we have about the characters we’ve fallen in love with. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Your favorite stories come to an end, and it’s a year later, maybe six months, perhaps even five years, and you come across something that reminds you of a certain character, or characters and it gets you to thinking about them. As in, what are they doing now? Where are they now? Are they still together and having mind blowing sex? Did they break up? Did one break out of jail?

I know I’m very curious and when a story ends, there are times I do wonder.

So, if you’d like to know what has become of your favorite or not so favorite people in the books you’ve read, send us the questions, the title of the book, and the author. Top2Bottom Reviews will locate the author and ask them, then we’ll post it on the review site. It’s a win win for writers and readers alike.

All inquiries can be sent to:

T2B Team

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