A New Man by PD Singer

Title: A New Man
Author: P.D. Singer
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 278
Kisses: 3.5


Senior year of college is for studying, partying, and having fun before getting serious about life. Instead, Chad’s days are filled with headaches and exhaustion, and his fencing skills are getting worse with practice, not better. Then there’s his nonexistent love life, full of girls he’s shunted to the friend zone. Is he asexual? Gay?

Grad student Warren Douglas could be out clubbing, but his roommate is better company, even without kisses. He’s torn up watching Chad suffer, gobbling ibuprofen and coming home early on Friday nights. If Chad weren’t straight, Warren would keep him up past midnight. They’re great as friends. Benefits might answer Chad’s questions.

A brief encounter with lab rats reveals Chad’s illness—he needs surgery, STAT, and can’t rely on his dysfunctional parents for medical decisions. Warren’s both trustworthy and likely to get overruled—unless they’re married. “You can throw me back later,” Warren says, and he may throw himself back after his husband turns out moody and hard to get along with, no matter how much fun his new sex drive is. Surgery turns Chad into a new man, all right…

…but Warren fell in love with the old one.


This story really didn’t do much for me, which doesn’t mean much, as my review is my opinion and not meant to defer you one way or the other. To me, this is a gay for you romance story blended with a bit of romance, and a lot of self-discovery.

Chad is the one I’ll talk about here: He’s a senior in college, is a serious fencer, dates girls, and has an issue with his weight, migraines, and getting it up. The poor young man has a slew of issues, none of which he understands, and one of those is his sexuality.

Since high school he dated girls, but not a one of them did anything for him, other than become a friend, and that followed him onto college. The story picks up while he’s in college and living with Warren, an openly gay man who is quite set in his ways and is secretly in love with Chad.
Both men seem to be studying the same subjects, I’m not too sure, but if I had to guess… Anyway, Chad, who eats little to nothing can’t seem to lose that baby fat no matter what he does and along with that little issue are the horrible migraines which he’d been suffering from since he was fifteen or so. Basically they started when he was living at home and I don’t recall if his family ever took him to a doctor to have him examined to be sure that’s all it was, or not. But, that’s beside the point because in the story, he’s already a senior in college, so he’s in his mid-twenties I believe.

Where Warren is a partier and openly gay, Chad obsesses over the fact that he can’t find interest in any of the girls he dates, but more to the fact that he is always in pain and no matter how hard he works, he can’t keep up in fencing practice.

He seems to be falling apart to be honest. Well, anyway, one night he goes home to find Warren there and out of nowhere he decides to do a test run on his own and when I say test run, I mean that he decides to kiss his roomie, who is also a scientist, (I think they both are, or are going to be or something.) and calls it a test. Well, Warren, who is in love with Chad anyway is all for it.

Then it happens again, and BAM! Chad has figured out he’s gay and that’s why he can’t get it up for a woman. BUT, there’s more and this is where things sorta start tumbling and rolling.

I can’t get into what that is, because it’ll take the plot of the story away and I’ll ruin it and that’s just not cool. I do want to say that this is the first story I’ve read by this author, and she tackled a few different issues in this plot. When I said I’d review the story for T2B, I was excited to have been given a P.D. Singer story as my first. I have to admit, the plot was a little difficult for me to wrap my head around at times, simply because the author does go into details on fencing and even scientific ones that had me wondering if I should have attended college to understand the terms used. And let me just give you this. Imagine a twenty something year old man going through puberty and finding out he’s gay. Add a hurried marriage, a near death, and you have yourself a story that’s in it’s own field.

Reviewed By: Roxy
P.S.- Remember- My review is my opinion.

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