Shawn’s Law by Renae Kaye

Title: Shawn’s Law
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: Renae Kaye
Pages: 200
Kisses: 4.5


Shawn is single, twenty-nine, the full-time carer of his Alzheimer’s-stricken mother, and a frequent victim of Murphy’s Law—although his family calls it Shawn’s Law. Other than caring for mum, his day consists of painting nude men and spying on the guy who walks his dogs along the street every day at four o’clock. When Shawn takes a spectacular fall on his front steps, who is there to witness it other than the man of his dreams?

Harley doesn’t believe in Shawn’s Law—but he soon changes his mind.

The two men make it through a memorable first date and Shawn’s sexual insecurities to begin a relationship stumbling toward love. But when Shawn’s Law causes Harley to be injured, Shawn is determined to save Harley’s life the only way he knows how—by breaking up with him. Not once, but twice. Throw in a serial killer ex-boyfriend, several deadly Australian animals, two dogs called Bennie, a mother who forgets to wear clothes, an unforgiving Town Council, and a strawberry-flavored condom dolly, and Shawn’s Law is one for the books.


Shawn’s Law is a romance that is steeped in humor and will have you laughing from the beginning. The troubles that befall poor Shawn had me shaking my head, especially when he tells about his serial killer ex. There is also Shawn’s creative form of swearing that had me wondering how the author came up with some of the combinations. The story also has some serious moments when it comes to Shawn’s mom. Though it was to be expected, I did not see the situation with her going the way it did.

I loved the way the author introduced the two main characters to each other as well as the way “Hippy Hotpants” is so well known with in Shawn’s circle of “friends”. The author tells this story in the first person from Shawn’s POV, but does a good job bringing Harley’s voice across as well. I also liked that the author did not make this relationship come to easily for the couple, as they, especially Shawn, had several issue that needed to be overcome before a solid relationship could be formed. There is also a small twist with regards to Shawn’s ex that I did not see coming.

Although there is some angst in this story there is a lot of comedy, making Shawn’s Law is the perfect read for someone looking for an easy going light hearted story. Readers who have not tried this author really should do so as she has several excellent stories out there that are sure to be to your taste.

Reviewed by: Lydia

Check out the Dreamspinner Press website HERE

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