Nobility by Kayla Bain-Vrba

Title: Nobility
Author: Kayla Bain-Vrba
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Length: 12,000 words
Characters: Nobelle and Princess Danna
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Fairytale / Fantasy Lesbian
Kisses: 4 Kisses


Determined to escape an arranged marriage, and with very few options available, Danna brings a curse down on herself and settles into life in an enchanted tower. The very last thing she needs or wants is to be rescued, no matter how beautiful or compelling her unexpected rescuer is.

Nobelle is desperate to avoid the hangman’s noose, and as last ditch efforts go her life could be worse than rescuing a bratty princess. But an easy way to stay alive turns into a complicated tangle of lies as she and Danna grow closer and Nobelle has no easy way to admit that she’s no knight in shining armor…


Princess Danna has dreamt of a true love marriage since she was twelve. She’s over twenty now and it still hasn’t happened, so her parents arrange a marriage for her with a neighbouring king. But Danna wants her true love match, and what could guarantee true love more than a curse and being locked in a tower? Unfortunately, her rescuer is in no way a noble knight, and the fact the curse isn’t broken means the woman isn’t her true love, either.

I found Danna to be a bit vapid at first, especially compared to Nobelle, which I am sure is the impression you are supposed to get. I sympathised with Nobelle right from the start, even before the two met. “Nobility” is worth sticking with, however, as you learn about Danna with Nobelle. And I really like the way Ms Bain-Vrba changed the True Love storyline but still kept the heart of it.

I have read some of Ms Bain-Vrba’s other works and find that they tend to have more of a dark overshadowing than many other fantasy stories and I do need to be in the mood for them. Of those stories I have read by Ms Bain-Vrba, although I liked “Words of Divinity” more, “Nobility” is definitely not the one I liked least.

There is no on-page sex in this story, for those who prefer it, but I found it suited the story perfectly. “Nobility” is what I would classify as a Happily-For-Now sliding into a HEA as they do work out things between them but there is an overshadowing of certain problems to come. I’m not sure if this is because Ms Bain-Vrba intends a sequel or whether this is just a reflection of the real world where a relationship is always in flux, but it’s more like a meet-cute than the whole story. Either way, this was a lovely way to take a short break.

Reviewed By: Alison

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