Lies and Reverie by Camilla Quinn

Title: Lies and Reverie
Author: Camilla Quinn
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Length: 27,000 Words
Characters: Liddy
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Regency FF
Kisses: 4


Liddy spends the majority of her life minding her father’s shop and trying to keep her sister, Caroline, out of trouble. What little time she has to herself is spent largely in daydreams about kissing beautiful princesses.

Then her sister catches the eye of a nobleman, and the sisters are thrust directly into the tangled world of upper class society. Liddy crosses paths with the beautiful, compelling Lady Sophia Sinclair, the most powerful woman in Dunnshire.

But what chance would a poor shop girl ever have with a real life princess?


“Lies and Reverie” is a beautiful tale of a imaginative woman who knows she is not attracted to men and has perfected the art of being a wallflower. Liddy is a dreamer, happy that she doesn’t get the attention her more emotional older sister does. She loves her father and is especially close to her sister, even if she does end up mediating between the two more often than not, and always has a book on hand. But the real action happens in Liddy’s daydreams, which often reflect what is happening in her life in some way.

Ms Quinn’s story is a gentle, sweet romance about the decisions middle- and upper-class women had to make in the regency era, and the gentile style of writing enhances the setting perfectly. I must admit, I did love the way the story shows how bending to what others want can break you and lead to bad decisions whereas being true to yourself can set you free.

I don’t read a lot of regency or historical stories, but I rather enjoyed this one and will be at least reading the blurb of any future stories by Ms Quinn. Definitely a recommended read for anyone who likes gentle, sweet stories about family and societal expectations, secrets, and unspoken history.

Reviewed By: Alison


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