S.A. Garcia – A Moon Too Far

Title: A Moon Too Far

Author: S.A. Garcia

Publisher:Dreamspinner Press

Pages: 54

Characters:  Captain Tanner N’Tirant and Denzantalen

POV: Third

Sub-Genre:   Science Fiction

Kisses:      3 kisses


Stranded on a moon smelling of rotten eggs with tunnel ghouls attempting to eat him, Captain Tanner N’tirant meets a legend and finds the truth is a lot hotter than the myth. A scorned mother landed him on this rock, and while sleeping with her son wasn’t the finest decision he ever made, trusting Denzantalen, a gene-spliced hybrid thought to be extinct, might be the best decision of his life.


“A Moon Too Far” is, like some of S.A. Garcia’s other stories, a bit flowery with the language and descriptions, and is very much a train-of-thought type of story. While I found this irritating at times, I’m sure there are those that would love it.

Captain N’tirant is on a run for a friend/ally when his ship’s propulsion systems stop working (I must admit, I thought the reason they wouldn’t work was pretty inventive). Hurt badly in the crash and unable to find the moon he landed on in his space charts, N’tirant decides on drink and sleep before getting to repairs.

I’m not sure that I really liked N’tirant all that much, but Denzantalen was fascinating with his history and biology.

This story might appeal to anyone who likes the train-of-thought style of writing, science fiction, space operas, situations characters get themselves into because of bad decisions, unusual aliens, or tentacle sex. And no, I’m not spelling it out. You can just find out for yourselves.

Having read “An Elf For All Centuries” by this author, which I enjoyed, I came to the conclusion that they must enjoy writing campy, poke-fun-at-themselves stories.

Reviewed by Alison



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