Hearts, Flowers and a Rainbow Tail by Beany Sparks

Title: Hearts, Flowers and a Rainbow Tail
Author: Beany Sparks
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 108
Characters: Erik, Aryell
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Fantasy,Romance
Kisses: 3


This Valentine’s Day Erik gets a surprise visitor, but it’s not cupid. Not unless cupid is a sexy merman in disguise.

Time has passed, but Erik is still haunted by what happened to him at the hands of Dirk at Christmas. He’s been spending less time with his best friend Calder and, in turn, the one merman he wants, but doesn’t think he’ll ever have. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching he’s already making plans to avoid the world on the day.

Aryell has been staying with Calder and Tamesis since being reunited with his friend and leader at Christmas. While he enjoys spending time with the couple, it’s Calder’s best friend Erik that he’d rather spend time with, but the man avoids him and Aryell begins to wonder if maybe it’s time to return to the water.

One day changes everything and gives Aryell hope and new information. Can he convince Erik to give him a chance this Valentine’s Day, or will he be returning to his underwater home alone?


Who doesn’t love a Merman? Just the thought of a sexy, well-written story about Mermen, and the world they live in, definitely peaked this reader’s interest. The blurb does an excellent description of the story, so I won’t rehash a lot of it. Instead, I thought I’d talk about what I liked and didn’t like about this story.

First and foremost, (at least to me) I did like the characters. Both heroes are interesting within their own right. Erik wants love, but keeps himself at arm’s length from the sexy, mysterious and very sweet Aryell. Try as he might, Erik can’t get the man out off of his mind, and just as he believes he can ignore him, Aryell’s determination and friendship soon make Erik start believing that Aryell, just might be the man for him.

I really liked how Aryell breaks down the barriers that Erik tries to put between them, and I ended up really hoping these two men would find their own happy ending. I liked the chemistry between them and enjoyed watching them discover more about one another.

Although I liked this story, I wish there had been more to it. In all fairness, I have not read the first book in the series, so some of the Merman world-building might have been explained more in it. I wanted to know more about the politics they had, what their life was really like, and so on. I thought these things were glossed over and when something specific happens to Erik, (you’ll have to read it to see what) it wasn’t given the detail I would have liked too.

In some ways, I thought the story itself wasn’t as smoothly told as it could have been. Some of the conversations were a tad bit stilted and left me a little perplexed, but all in all it is a good book.

Now, just because I had some niggles with the book doesn’t mean this series does not have great potential. I hope more things are explained as the series progresses, and look forward to reading more about these characters, whom are pretty easy to like. Ms. Sparks has written some great moments in the book, as well as, creating a strong chemistry between the heroes. I definitely intend on reading more of her books in the future.

Hearts, Flowers and a Rainbow Tail is the first book I’ve read by Beany Sparks. It is the second book in the Merman Tails book.
Christmas, Snow and a Merman is the first book in the Merman Tails series. This story definitely peaked my interest, so I plan on reading the first book in the story soon.

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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