A Rose for Paul’s Protector by Charlie Richards

Title: A Loving Nip, Book 2: A Rose for Paul’s Protector
Author: Charlie Richards
Publisher: Extasy Books
Pages: 101
Characters: Jaymes, Paul
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Kisses: 3.25


Just a little Love Bite: Sometimes the best family is the one you choose yourself.

A couple of months before, Jaymes Martinez—master of the Amarillo coven—received from Fate the best Christmas present possible. He discovered his beloved in the young human Paul Cosborn. Unfortunately, Paul was only seventeen at the time, so Jaymes returned home and did his best to focus on readying his coven for his beloved’s arrival. Nearly two months later, Jaymes is ready to make his move. He convinces fellow vampire, Daystrum, who’d been keeping an eye on Paul for him, to bring him out to the ranch to visit. After one erotic encounter with Paul, and one oh-so-satisfying bite, his beloved is kidnapped. Can Jaymes track down his missing beloved in time for them both to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day?


A Rose for Paul’s Protector is an easy, sexy read to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. Charlie Richards is one of those authors I enjoy reading when I’m in the mood for a smooth and sensual paranormal romance. Not only is this book a paranormal romance, it’s a May/December romance as well. I love a good May/December romance and this one was definitely a pretty good one.

I liked that Jaymes is not only a vampire he is a cowboy as well. I thought that was a refreshing aspect to his character. I also enjoyed how he truly seemed to feel something for his “Beloved” Paul. Paul is quite naïve, and Jaymes is more than willing to be patient and ease him into a life with him.

Paul is a sweet, young man. He can’t believe he’s caught Jaymes’ heart and although he is quite innocent, is willing to give his heart and soul to the older man. I liked these two men together. Both were likeable people and they were an easy pair to root for.

One of the things I missed in the story was the compromise/adjustment of their ages. Paul is 18 and Jaymes is hundreds of years old, so there is a huge age difference between them. This was something that was fairly breezed over, as well as, Paul’s quick acceptance of Jaymes being a vampire. Now please don’t get me wrong, this is still an interesting story with plenty of action and romance, and I still liked it, I just wish there had been a little more to it.

If you are a fan of Charlie Richards, you will definitely like this book. She writes easily satisfying romances that are both enjoyable and addictive to read. I enjoy all of her books, and A Rose for Paul’s Protector is no exception.

A Rose for Paul’s Protector is the second book in the Loving Nip series. Admittedly I haven’t read the first book, A Nip of Good Cheer, yet but I plan on doing so soon. I’m definitely interested in reading more about these characters in the future.


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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