A cut scene from the story: Greeting Cards, written by Tinnean.

And our very first CUT SCENE

Sent to us by the very talented Tinnean

One of the cut scenes has become a flash fic that’s up on the Dreamspinner Blog site, but this one, from Greeting Cards, never made it. It takes place during Ben and Jason’s second Christmas together. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Christmas Epilogue

It was snowing when they went to bed on Christmas Eve. It was still snowing in the early morning hours when the phone rang.

Jason almost fell out of bed in his rush to answer it.


They’d learned on Father’s Day that Jen and Fred were finally expecting, and this baby excited the whole family. Ben had never thought he’d be an uncle, and he was so overjoyed he volunteered to paint the baby’s room with Jason’s dad. Since Jen and Fred were adamant about wanting the baby’s gender to be a surprise, they kept the colors to pale yellows and greens, although they painted the ceiling sky blue, dotting it with fluffy white clouds.

“Once the paint is dried, I’ll put the furniture together too,” Ben said. The boxes holding the crib, changing table, dresser, and rocker were stored in a spare bedroom.

“And I’ll help too,” Jason offered. That earned him a kiss. In the end, though, Ben handed him the instruction pamphlets, and he read off the directions.

The room had been ready for five months, but the baby seemed reluctant to put in an appearance.

Jen’s due date was two weeks past, and the whole family was on pins and needles.

And then at six thirty on Christmas Eve morning, Fred had called to announce that Jen had finally gone into labor and they were heading for Greenedale General.

Every time the phone rang, both Jason and Ben jumped for it, but it was either friends calling to wish them a merry Christmas or family wanting to know if they’d heard anything.

“Although how we’d know and they wouldn’t….” Jason complained to Ben.

“They know how close you and Jen are.”

“Yeah, well, I’m tempted to turn off my phone. I know,” he raised a hand to stop Ben’s protest. “I can’t do that. But I’m tempted!”


“If this isn’t Fred, I’m gonna kill whoever it is,” Ben growled.

“Hello? Fred?” Jason’s heart began a painful thud. He loved his sister, and if anything happened to her…. “Hold on a second; I want to put this on speaker for Ben. Okay, go ahead.”

“Merry Christmas, guys. Jen has just given me the most wonderful Christmas present. We have a son. He’s nine pounds, two ounces and twenty-one and a half inches long. We’re going to name him Noel.”

“Ah, that’s awesome!”

“It is, isn’t it?” There was a loud yawn. “Sorry, we’ve been here for almost twenty-four hours.”

“That’s okay, Fred. Do you need us to make any phone calls?”

“Thanks, but your mom and dad are here, and they’ll handle the rest of the family.”

“We’ll let you go then. Give Jen a kiss from us, and tell her we’ll be at the hospital to see her and our nephew tomorrow. I mean later today.”

“Just make sure you drive carefully. The roads are pretty slippery.”

“Will do, Fred. Merry Christmas!” Jason hung up and jumped on Ben. “We’re uncles!”

“Yeah, we are.” His grip was so tight Jason had to grunt in protest. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Jason knew how grateful Ben was to be included in everything, especially considering that long estrangement from his own family. “Y’know something?”

“What, babe?”

“I’m going to teach him about finances, and you can teach him how to run cables.”

“I can?” Ben looked dazzled.

“You bet your ass you can!” Jason leaned into him and kissed him. “We need to find a card for him.”

You need to find a card for him. I’ll turn on the computer and see what holiday we can find to celebrate with him aside from his birthday and Christmas.”

“Get to it, Uncle Ben!” He felt almost giddy. They had a nephew and his sister was all right.

“Oh, my God, do you know what this means?” Ben suddenly sounded… not bothered, but… okay, yeah, bothered.

“Huh? What ‘what’ means?”

Ben nuzzled the spot under Jason’s ear that left him in a puddle. “It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets confused.”

“I love you too, but what’s bothering you?”

“’Uncle Ben’?”


He gave a defeated sigh. “People are going to ask about my converted rice. Yeah, yeah, you can laugh.”

“We’ll figure something out.” Jason ran his hands through Ben’s hair and pulled him into a kiss. “Now go find a holiday for our nephew!”


Dear Noel,

Welcome to the world, little man.

Today is very special, not only because of your birth.

Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day!

Always yours,

Uncle Jason and Uncle Ben



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