Please welcome: Johnny Miles and his first audio book! Casa Rodrigo


On a lush, tropical island inhabited by rogues, thieves and villains, where men take the law into their own hands, a father and son are thrust into tumultuous events that will change their lives forever.

Bernardo de Rodrigo is proud of his son. Alonso is handsome and winning, and everyone he meets is instantly drawn to the tall, warm Spaniard. But how could either of them have known that a forbidden love is about to claim Alonso’s heart?

Arbol, the charismatic male slave who was saved from the clutches of Raul Ignacio Martín, feels an instant connection with Alonso, the moment he looks into Arbol’s eyes, the moment they touch.

Bernardo has other things to worry about, however. He’s trying to exorcise himself of an intensely gratifying yet shame-filled sexual affair with Raul, who secretly adores Bernardo but doesn’t know how to show it.

When Raul blackmails Bernardo, their dark and sordid relationship not only threatens the bond between father and son, it places Arbol’s life in danger. Now Bernardo must make a difficult choice that could further alienate his son while Alonso must find a way to keep the man he loves.

My Thoughts: Five Full Kisses!!! kisses5

When Johnny Miles released this story I was one of the first people to have the honor of reviewing it for him. You can see it here: Casa Rodrigo Since the release of that particular title I came to know the man behind those powerful words within that story and I’m a better person for it. He’s become more than an author to me. He’s a friend. He’s a strong-willed and strong-minded individual who deserves so much more than he’s given credit for.

Anyway, as he is my friend, not just a co-author, but a real friend he asked if I wouldn’t mind giving his story a listen to and do a fresh review for the audio version of Casa Rodrigo. He really wanted to see what I thought of it. Of course I did! I don’t review much anymore and for good reason. However, I do make exceptions and this is one of them.

Since it’d been a while since reading the story I didn’t think I’d have too much of an issue with reviewing the audio end. And I don’t. I am so not an audio person when it comes to my reading. I can’t sit in my car and go down the road listening to someone read to me. I can’t do it at night while crafting either. I am the type who needs to hold the story in my hand so I can read it and take it in at my pace. So, this was very different for me.

The story itself did not change. So, refer to the written review I posted the link to above. What I want to talk about is the audio itself. I don’t know if you’re friends with Johnny on any social media sites, if you’re not, you should probably tend to that and friend him. I watched silently in the background for oh about a year? Maybe longer? Maybe a little under? Whichever, I read his updates all the time and when he started on this path of turning his powerful story into an audio book, I was all ears and eyes. I read those posts and he kept his audience updated often. He spoke of the laughter, of the tears, of the sweat, of the actors, even posted a notice looking for them on FB. Sadly I didn’t qualify for anything, but I cheered him on every step of the way.

One of my biggest fears, once I agreed to review the audio for him, were of the sex scenes. Listening to people make love isn’t my thing. I’m okay with porn, (MM only!) but they don’t do a whole lot of “acting” in those. And no one is telling me what’s going on word for word, so that was a draw back…UNTIL I listened to the story!

Yes, I was a bit hesitant at first, but within the first fifteen, twenty minutes I forgot all about my issues and got lost in the narrators voice. Then, wait for it…then the best parts started happening…the sounds of people walking on stone, grass, branches breaking all in the background! It was simply awesome. So, like watching a movie but not seeing the picture…it was truly awesome!

The plot hasn’t changed at all. But to hear the voices behind those characters and knowing that the author did pick those people out to act those roles out made it outstanding.

I don’t know that I’ll go the audio route often, as I do love to read and imagine how the characters sound in my head, how they look, even the background. Now, before you think that this is a story that’s being read to you by a narrator and that’s that, you’re wrong. For each character there is an actor and for that, it’s simply outstanding!

My prior rating was 4.5 kisses, the audio gets the full five kisses…

Johnny, what a great job you did! Again, I’m so proud of you and it’s an honor to call you my friend.


Purchase here: Casa Rodrigo

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