The day Ryan Field came into my life



When I first started reviewing way back in 2010- OMG! FIVE YEARS in March it will be but still…Anyway…I had written a short story and started posting it on the review site between the reviews and interviews of other author’s and their books. When I say started posting it, I mean that I would send Jeff, who was at that time running the original Michele-n-Jeff Reviews with me, what we needed posted and such for the week. I sent him the first unedited unread by everyone but him, the first chapter as I decided to just let people read a little something by the very virgin me to see what they thought.

I’ve always been the type of person who likes to help others. I’ve been this way since I can remember and I don’t do it for any other reason than it makes me feel good. I love to feel good so the more I can help, the happier I am. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I do have limits and I can smell people who love to use me. I’ll allow that once, perhaps twice but then I cut it off. I refuse to allow people to walk all over me.


Ryan Field. This is for you.

Do you remember that day you read the first bit of Tony & Ryan? Do you remember what you said? I do. I saved it and when I’m feeling doubt about that series, I read what you said to me. I remember that giddiness I had when I read what you left for me. There I was, virtually unknown to the writing community, as a very green writer,  as just another wannabe, and you, you stopped what you were doing in your busy life and you left the comment that to this day drives me to do the best that I can do. If I don’t feel that great feeling, I don’t write until I do. Here’s what you said to me.

“I was working outside all day burning branches and cutting grass and all that good stuff, and couldn’t wait to read this. I love it. You didn’t hold back, you drew me into the story and made me believe it, and you added the back story in just the right places. I can’t wait to read the rest.”  Then you replied back to me after I jumped around a bit in excitement. “You did a good job with working the back story in, and keeping me interested. And it’s very real, too. You write well :)”

‘You write well.’  I remember that line each time I start writing for the day. Ryan, you were one of two authors who took the time to read what I posted that day and you gave me hope. You gave me that shove. You gave me something I didn’t have then. Confidence. YOU did that for me. I cannot tell you how much that meant then and what it means to me now. You are one of a kind and I value you and our friendship more than you can know.

Remember when you said, ‘That’s my story!’ LOL~ as it’s named Tony & Ryan…Still smile over that one. It’s all yours!

I also remember going to you and asking you questions and you always answered me. You never turned me away.  You never came to me with wants or needs as far as your own books went. You never pushed yourself off on the review site. You are a man of great honor you are one of a kind.  I remember oftentimes begging you to do guest posts for the review site, or to use the site to promo your stories. You may have done a couple of guest posts but never did use the site to push your own stories. Do you know how rare that is? VERY.

Ryan, since you gave me hope that day in 2010 you’ve remained one of my dearest friends and one I’m thrilled to have. I value each and every thing you say. I follow your posts, read your blogs, and though at times I’m quiet and don’t say much, you know I’m there supporting you all the way.  You went out of your way to be kind to a newbie, you made a friend for life.

To the reading audience:

As you can tell I do adore Ryan Field and I always will. He has a special place in my heart and not just because he left a comment on the site to me about my first short story. It’s because after all these years Ryan hasn’t changed who he is. He’s as real as real gets. He’s generous, he’s intellectual, he’s a real author, he’s creative in many other ways outside of his writing, he’s down to earth, funny, kindhearted, considerate, smart, respectful, honorable, and he’s funny too. I can go on and on about this man.

I’ve never ever heard of Ryan using a single soul in any way to climb that ladder, as so many do. I’ve heard of others using him to get where they want to get. And that means something to me. I have had long conversations with him and I valued them all. He’s always been there for me and I’ll always be here for him. Though, he has his act together a bit more than I do. LOL.

When someone can make that big of an impact on my life, it means something. Ryan means a lot to me. I’m that type of person who, at the drop of a dime, will stop and do anything for my friends, he’s one I would stop for. I don’t have many friends in my life, and I’ve never gotten to meet this marvelous guy, but he’s on the top of my list.

Ryan has a very unique storytelling voice. I’ve read almost all of his stories, and enjoyed each and all of his characters. My favorite one by Ryan is Fangsters

My review :

5 stars isn’t enough April 3, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Ryan Field’s new title “Fangsters” is unlike anything I’ve read. He artistically blended people of the Italian Mob and how they talk, dress, act, and play, then added a small minor charistic to spicen them up. He created the Italian Vampire Mob which focuses on the inside workings of what the Mob is like. How the are in true life, then he made them vampires. Talk about running an underground illegal anything and how, no matter what happens, these vamps will take control and keep it for all eternity. Just like the real mob, they take control and keep it. Anything is possible in today’s world, so think Mob+Vampires and you have one hell of a story that will make you laugh due to the nature of the beasts, the language, the characters and situations. I’d like to state he has main characters and secondary ones, but Ryan did such a wonderful job giving each of these Italian vampires different characteristics that to me, they are all the main characters. You’ll fall in love with Digger, with Anton, with Leo and even Angelo, the lead Italian Mob Vampire Boss. I promise you will. Expect to laugh a bit at their antics. I mean a vampire trying to feed deer Italian goodies?
Now, I don’t really talk with Ryan about what he’s releasing next or what he’s up to with his manuscripts…I don’t talk to him about what I’m up to on my end either…I talk to Ryan as if I’d known him my whole life and I’m sure many of you who know him can attest that he’s easy-going and down to earth so much so that you’d never know just how much experience he has over most of us. His many talents are hidden, as he is one of the few authors who never fills his updates with information about him, him, him, him. Ryan’s not one of those “I” people. He’s way to humble for that. Just look at any of his posts and you’ll agree.
Ryan is also the ONLY author I know who has read every story I’ve written. He gives his honest opinion and let me tell you…I respect what he has to say no matter what it is. I look up to him in many ways, not just as a writer. He’s like the big brother I wish I had. He, this one man who is as worldly as anyone I know, actually took the time out of his busy life and read my stories. That just added the cherry on top…I didn’t know him until he stopped at this site all those years ago to give me a kind word, and sadly I haven’t left him alone since~  hahahaha…To me…Ryan Field is a true author. A true friend. And I’m glad he’s in my life.
One day…One day I’ll get to meet him in person.
How can you not love that face!
Okay, I admit, I want to squeeze those cheeks.
To keep up with this incredible man here’s the link to his blog:
I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

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