T2B remembers


I know you’re all wondering WHAT the HELL is going on over here…I wonder that too. I was so close to closing the doors here…for good. But when that day came and went and the site was still up and waiting for me to post something…I couldn’t do it. I could not close the doors on it. This March will be five years for T2B…this will be the first year without reviews though.

When this site was born, it was to bring attention in a good way to the author’s who weren’t getting the exposure and attention they needed and deserved. Since that time, new review sites have come and gone, and many are doing so well. I’m thrilled to see them. I watch and read some when I have the time. I’m thrilled to see that the way we went about reviewing this awesome Genre’ has been carried on…I love seeing so many people treating my fellow author’s well.

So, what does that mean for T2B?

Not real sure just yet. I do know that it’ll not be what it was. It’s hard work and the time it takes is crazy. But in the same sense, I can’t just throw my hands up and walk away either. I have to do something and be here to help who I can help. I don’t know how or in what way…I’m thinking…

And until I get it all figured out..I’ll post for different publishers..their new releases, submission calls, perhaps special posts by different authors…if you have a suggestion, please let me hear it…

Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting about specific author’s I’ve met…I think that’ll be fun…Remember back when you were a virgin author or reader? And you read someone’s books and you just had to meet that person and when you did you about fell over? OR maybe it was a meeting that you wish never happened?

My first post will be about my sweet Rick R. Reed.

Tune in then and remember…If you have a request of any kind…perhaps you’re too shy to approach someone? OR you want to know what I think about something? The red carpet is laid out…I’ll be there waiting!


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