Nothing Special by Jay Northcote

NothingSpecialSMTitle: Nothing Special

Author Jay Northcote

Publisher: Dreamspinner


Characters: Noah and Sol


4 kisses







Noah thinks he’s nothing special. Average height, a bit on the skinny side, and cute but rather geeky, he’s relentlessly ordinary. He certainly doesn’t expect to be noticed by Sol, the gorgeous dark-haired stranger Noah sees on his commute home most days. But when Noah’s friend, Dom, persuades Noah to take a huge risk in a bid to get Sol’s attention, things turn out better than Noah dared to hope. Noah and Sol start dating, and much to Noah’s surprise, his feelings seem to be reciprocated.

But Noah’s insecurities make him doubt Sol. He doesn’t believe he’s interesting enough or sexy enough to hold Sol’s attention, and as Sol tries to get closer, Noah’s instinct is to pull away to protect himself. If their relationship is going to survive, Sol needs to convince Noah that he sees Noah very differently than Noah sees himself. Because to Sol, Noah is something very special indeed.



Classic story of two men trying to find a way to make it work. Noal is a bit geeky, average looking with a decent job and horrible self esteem. He would never dream that a man like Sol would find him attractive, much less want to be with him. Sol is the sexy guy that Noah has been dreaming about for months. Every day they see each other on the train. Every day Noah wants to talk to him and every day he chickens out. When Noah’s best friend talks him into placing an ad in the paper Sol reads everyday Noah finds out that sometimes life is worth taking a chance


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