Matters of Courtship by C. M. Jackson

MattersofCourtshipTitle: Matters of Courtship

Author C.M. Jackson

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Pages: 250

Characters: William Samuel Davis and Luca O’Malley-Hamilton

Sub-Genre love story





Crown Prince of the United Kingdom of America, William Samuel Davis, has recently been outed by the press. Worse yet, he’s been thrown into an arranged marriage with one of the stuffiest people he knows—one Lucas O’Malley-Hamilton. It’s a match made in hell, and William fully intends to make everyone see the error of their ways and send Lucas back home on the first available flight.

But things quickly get more complicated than William had thought possible as the antimonarchy crowd uses his outing against him. As he is forced to face the realities of his position, he finds himself drawn to sides of Lucas he hadn’t known existed. Tensions rise throughout the country and in William’s world. While the situation absolutely refuses to improve, it can and will get worse.



Extremely fun story to read. From the beginning I couldn’t tell if they were going to kill each other or love each other. Will has recently outed himself to the press. The only real problem with this is he did it before telling any of his family. The king and queen are really not happy about this. Take this with a long line of discrepancies from the prince and they have had enough. Time for the prince to grow up and take responsibility. They call in the big gun’s.. Grandma. The fiery little lady that has everyone a little scared. They have decided that it is time for Will to get married, and they have worked out all the details. Even the groom. Lucas has known his entire life this is what would happen. He would be betrothed to a man he doesn’t know to make his country stronger. What he never expected was Will. Will is arrogant, stubborn, careless and definitely not happy about getting married. Forced into companionship the two must learn to know each other, preferably without killing each other.


Reviewed By: Jerry

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